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The TV show CBS is planning for [Supergirl](series:2246875) hasn't even started yet and already there's much speculation about it. The plot will be very different from the comics, where Kara learns to use her powers. The TV series details we've received so far suggest that it will be more like Arrow and The Flash in that Kara will have already lived with her powers for about ten years.

Casting has begun. They've started searching for a caucasian actress between the ages of 22 and 26 to play Kara Zor-El, or Kara Kent as it seems she might be called. However, there's also spreading their nets for a slightly older actress who is about 26. This actress is set to play the foster sister of Kara Kent, a woman by the name of Alexandra Danvers.

Two theories jump to mind. Firstly, Alex is a very close name to Lex, and we know what a great nemesis Lex Luthor is to Superman. Perhaps Alex would be to Supergirl what Lex is to Superman. If this was the case, it would also create an interesting dynamic because Alex might know Supergirl's weaknesses. Personality specifically. Everyone and his dog seems to know they're deathly allergic to Kryptonite. And there's far too much of that lying around. It makes you wonder: if the planet died, and there were only two ships from Krypton, where does all the Kryptonite come from? However, that's an issue for another day.

The second theory that springs to mind on hearing the name Alexandra Danvers is this:

Linda Danvers as a different Supergirl
Linda Danvers as a different Supergirl

Is the presence of one Alexandra Danvers a possible background? Perhaps they're going to incorporate Linda Danvers, another version of Supergirl, into Alex's background? Could it be that Supergirl and Superman won't be the only survivors of Krypton? Maybe the reason Alexandra Danvers is Supergirl's foster sister is that she too is a survivor? Could the name be simply a nod to the comics? Could it be a hint as to what Supergirl's TV series crime-fighting outfit will be like (for more speculation on that topic click here)?

What do you think? Are any of these theories of mine possible? Do you have some of your own? Make sure to continue the speculation with me down in the comments!


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