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Today's treasure trove of wonderful fan-created art comes courtesy of watercolor artist Olcheka, Seattle-based and self taught. It's in their blog header, and I just think it's neat. Art lessons are great when you can get them, but I have tons of respect for artists who teach and improve themselves through sheer love and dedication.

What made this series stand out to me, aside from the subject matter (always love me some Star Trek: TNG) is the fact that they're all lovingly created in traditional, physical watercolor. I'm no digital-art-scoffing cynic (hell, I paint with a tablet myself) but I have to say that there's something incredible and somehow nostalgic about seeing favorite characters captured in literal ink and water.

Even if their name is Wesley and he's been on your last nerve since you were 11.

You can actually buy these wonderful pieces and a lot more awesome art at the artist's shops on Etsy and Redbubble. I can absolutely see one or more of these beautiful works hanging in my house (or, let's be real, nerd cave. No reason your nerd cave can't be decorated with fine art). Maybe as a gift for the special Trekkie in your life (even if that's you)?

And yep, I promised a bonus guest. He always has a place in Star Trek collections (and our geeky hearts), say hello to Mr. Spock!

Why, you  look almost devious here. Surely not.
Why, you look almost devious here. Surely not.

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you can, show the artist some love!


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