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We've all seen makeup transformations before, but Jan Bonito has proven he is at the top of the pile with his terrifyingly accurate American Horror Story: Freak Show transformations.

The talented makeup artist from Colorado has artfully contoured and highlighted his features into a plethora of characters from the hit FX show, and you can watch how he warps into the adorable Ma Petit, terrible Twisty, and everyone in between in the awesome walkthrough videos below.

Roll up, roll up and prepare to have your mind well and truly blown!

Stanley/Dennis O'Hare

Stanley isn't the only crafty con artist, Bonito has totally stolen his identity!

Elsa Mars/Jessica Lange

Mars and Bonito clearly share a talent that has been known to render men speechless!

Dandy Mott/Finn Wintrock

That spoiled brat pout is sheer perfection!

Jimmy Darling/Evan Peters

The shading on the jaw line in this one is incredible!

Dora Brown/Patti LaBelle

That sassy nose wrinkle of disapproval couldn't be more artfully crafted.

Twisty/John Carroll Lynch

When we first saw the previews of Twisty, who would have thought that we'd actually end up craving that manic prosthetic grin again...

Ma Petite/Jyoti Amge

I'm mourning her death all over again now. I'm still playing the tiny violin for you, Ma Petit!


Which transformation did you find the most impressive?

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