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I love Man of Steel, it's one of my favorite comic book movies to-date, but I'm not going to lie and say it's a perfect film cause it's not. Every movie has its flaws, and yet, for some reason, people love to point out the flaws in Man of Steel more so. I know there were "moral" decisions that were made in the film that didn't sit right with people, but we're not going to discuss how I feel about the message of the film, more like, how the message of the film could have been better portrayed to all audiences.

Let me state real quick, before I get started, that two of the scenes I feel should have been included into the film did happen, it just wasn't shown. So, let's get into it by chronological order.

1) The Jor-El/Zod History

Jor-El and Zod have friendly history.
Jor-El and Zod have friendly history.

One thing a lot of people seem to complain about is the pacing of the film. I don't totally agree that the pacing was bad, but I don't disagree that there were moments where things may have went a little too fast.

For me, one of the scenes that should have been added to the film would have been a bit more of life on Krypton. What I would have liked, somewhere between the opening scene that shows the birth of Kal-El and the scene where Jor-El begins to plead to the Council to start "looking to the stars" before he's rudely interrupted by Zod, is a scene where maybe Jor-El and Zod are having a private meeting, discussing the foolish ideologies of the Kryptonian Council. Both men would be demonstrating that close friendship that they once shared by speaking more freely with one another, but at the same time, add some foreshadowing with both characters.

I could see it, somewhere in that scene, the dialogue would go something like:

Zod: "The council has become nothing more than helpless and cowardice old fools."
Jor-El: "I will speak to the Council, Zod. There is still hope, I just have to make them see that there is."
Zod: gives Jor-El, suspicious sideways glance and then says: "The only hope we have is for someone brave enough to stand up to defy the council."
Jor-El: returns the suspicious sideways glance to Zod.
end scene

This would be great because it would show the two separate ideologies and show that both are meant for a good reason, both are lined with good intentions, but one of them is corrupt. Instead, they opened up with Zod coming in guns-blazing, which makes you not feel his motives are truly nobly intended until later in the film.

Plus, it would be nice to show that Zod and Jor-El shared a close connection as friends, maybe even brotherly.

2) The Journalistic Work of Lois Lane

Lois Lane, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist!
Lois Lane, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist!

Now, if there was a scene I felt had the worst pacing in the whole film, it was the investigating that Lois Lane does while trying to find out who Superman is. It was just montaged of her narrating while speaking to a few different people that new Clark as a child and eventually leading her to Martha Kent's home where she tells Martha that she's there to "talk about her son" and that's the end of the scene before we move onto her talking to Superman.

What would have been nice, would have been to see the actual interview between Martha Kent and Lois Lane inside the house. Have them sitting down to coffee or something casual but with some initially light conversation or some more of the "easy" questions. But you have to escalate it, as Lois begins to dig deeper and show off why she is a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter.

It would have been nice for the downtime of the whole scene, having Lois begin to ask some of the tougher, more intrusive questions and seeing Martha Kent get riled up about them, until Lois calms her down and reveals the real reason for wanting to find out who Superman is.

I guess what would have been nice is if Goyer and Snyder would have showed us that Lois Lane was an amazing reporter instead of just telling us and letting us go on from there.

3) Shanghai Showdown

Faora, the best side-character in Man of Steel.
Faora, the best side-character in Man of Steel.
"Believe it or not there was another action scene – we didn’t film it. After Zod first announces himself [the Krpytonians] provide a demonstration of their might. They drop Faora into Shanghai and NamEk, who is the big eight foot tall guy who doesn’t speak, they drop him another foreign city.
It was another five pages of crazy Kryptonian destruction. We didn’t need it. We knew that, my god, there’s already a lot of action." ~David Goyer speaking with

A lot of people complained about the amount of action in this movie. They said it was pointless, too much destruction involved, etc. But what is really going to happen when two super powered beings begin to start throwing punches at each other? Despite what may or may not be too much, there was scene I felt should not have been cut from the movie and it's the above one that David S. Goyer is talking about and here's how it could have fit:

Have Faora and NamEk demolish these places or segments of these places to show how powerful they are to the humans while at the same time, Clark could be seeing it on the news, the amount of destruction and try to race over there as soon as possible to stop the amount of destruction from happening. But when Clark finally arrives, the place is already demolished and there are people crying and weeping in the streets from the amount of destruction.

Someone in the crowd would look up and see Superman hovering over the destruction with a look of despair on his face. The people would began to look up and begin to throw things at him and it would start a riot. Superman, feeling like a failure in this moment, would then go on to turn himself into the U.S. government.

This would be important because it would actually help reinforce the idea that Jonathon Kent didn't die for nothing. He knew that people wouldn't trust him. Think about how people are in real life, they like something for as long as it goes there way, but as soon as something turns sour or goes bad, whether it's at the fault of whatever it is they've been enjoying or not, they blame it, cast aside. We are so flighty as a people and Jonathon Kent knew that.

It would take something as large as an invasion from Krypton and Superman stopping it to even convince just a few people that Superman wasn't bad or in behind the scenes of it all, all along.



I know I'm over a year and a half late on this. But, I've seen so many people ridicule this movie, so I wanted to go into it objectively and these were the observations that I found. I fee like that Man of Steel, having these scenes would have showed that the emotional tear between Zod and Jor-El was deep, that Lois Lane was truly an amazing reporter, and that Clark's care and desire to help people is evident and that Jonathon Kent didn't die for nothing.

I hope you enjoyed the article, I know I wish Man of Steel would have had an extended cut.

Let me know what you think about the ideas of above in the comments below.


Which scene you do you think would have been good to add?


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