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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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What a weekend it was for games! In all fairness a rather awe inspiring one. We witnessed the game developer and distributor community come together to celebrate another fantastic year of games at The Game Awards 2014, and Sony celebrated 20 years of the Playstation brand with a lovely little expo of their own.

A breathless weekend was assured with the reveals of eagerly awaited future titles (PS4 exclusive No Man's Sky, FTW), and brand spanking new IP that will slay the beast that is your bank account over the coming new year.

But you know what reveal really had me wide eyed and gasping at the screen like a beached Cheep Cheep? Nintendo's shiny new offerings at The Game Awards. Okay The Legend Of Zelda Wii U isn't exactly new news, but the recent development in the Zelda Wii U build, highlighted on a prerecorded video by Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto and Zelda lead producer Eiji Aonuma, will blow your octosocks off! Go on, spoil yourself with the viewage...

Has that piqued your interest? Have you even watched it yet?! It's dangerous to leave a video alone on a page. Here, have this...


Hey! Listen!

Here are snippets of the best Zelda reveals...

Before Sunset

This game is huge! Aonuma-san added that they have added many mountaintops in the game to really show off the great views.

Go Your Own Way

Using the Wii U GamePad's motion sensors to locate another area far in the distance, Aonuma-san placed a waymarker, the green spark on the TV, that Link can eventually make his way toward.

Oh, GamePad...

The GamePad screen will be utilized as a map, with pinch and zoom functionality, as well as on screen buttons. The red X is the location of the waypoint, and the green arrow is where Link is positioned in the world. But wait...

My Gamepad
My Gamepad

Miyamoto-san zoomed even further out on the map to give us an even greater scale of just how big this game will be!

My word...

Adrenaline Junkie

The sail cloth returns! And will be a great aid in traversing the huge distances found in the game. But that won't be the sole source of travel...


Link's trusty steed has returned and is now AI controlled, meaning you have to give the sticks a mere flick to traverse the plains.

This also means you won't be banging into/getting stuck behind trees, which is always handy!

This also frees up space for COMBAT ACTION! Link can swing his sword, hacking at enemies atop Epona...

And fire arrows...

Wave the game pad to aim!
Wave the game pad to aim!

Another great addition is the ability to leap from Epona and slay enemies! The action slows down allowing you a truly gratifying attack.

All in all, Zelda Wii U is shaping up nicely and will, hopefully, usher in a positive dawn for Nintendo in the new year.

And In Other News...


Nintendo are also set to release the Wii U's Starfox game before Zelda Wii U! A very exciting time for Nintendo zealots out there. Miyamoto-san revealed that Starfox's gameplay is really beginning to come together! "The way it uses the GamePad is really starting to feel good." Well, that's reassuring at least.

Here's hoping these games don't disappoint. Nintendo needs- no... we need this...

(Source: Nintendo via YouTube)


How stoked are you for Zelda Wii U?


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