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Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved games of all time - a remake of which fans have been demanding for years - is finally coming to the Playstation 4, but with one crucial caveat.

Squaresoft's highly revered role-playing game was released in 1997 to near-universal critical acclaim, and is considered by many to be one of the best games of all time. It's no surprise then that fans have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to play this timeless classic on their shiny new consoles, and now they can! Sony, at last, has revealed that Final Fantasy VII will be available in spring 2015.


And it's a big 'but': this is not a remake. That's right, rather than utilize the increased power of the Playstation 4, the game will be a straight up port of the same PC version already released. That means you can expect the same old graphics from 1997.

The collective groan of disappointment from fans at this news could almost be heard from space. The video of the new trailer already has 14,000 dislikes, compared to just 2,000 over likes!

To give you an idea of just how big of a bait and switch Sony pulled, check out the before and after reactions of those who attended Playstation Experience, the live event where the announcement was made:


Developers Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy VII will be returning, and the room explodes in response. You can see the excitement on all their faces - it's like Christmas has come early, until they find out they've been given a lump of coal this year...


Utterly deflated, the fans go silent and reflect on their now dashed dreams. Just look at that woman in the middle - she looks crushed!

It's crazy that Sony didn't capitalize on the potential of a fully-fledged remake. It was only last month that they conducted an extensive fan survey, asking over 10,000 dedicated Japanese gamers "What game would you want a remake of using the latest tech?" Can you guess what the top answer was? Yep, Final Fantasy VII.

For now at least, gamers will have to keep waiting for the remastered version they really want. Though if it's any consolation, we'll still be able to play the original again come spring... Who am I kidding - give us a proper remake!

Watch the trailer in full below:


How cheated do you feel at this news?

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