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turned 38 years old today, and what better way to celebrate than with a reason we love him for every year of his wonderful life so far?

So, without further ado, let's revel in everything ravishing about Ian on his special day! Because, he's worth it.

38. He Would Be The Best Adventure Buddy

37. He's A Devoted Husband

If only somebody could look at me the way Ian looks at Nicky!

36. He Loves His Mom

35. He's a Sagittarius

Trust me, they are pretty damned dreamy. Isn't the description below so Ian?

You’re the zodiac’s free spirit, a true traveler who’s comfortable on the road. Although you hate feeling “tied down,” you also crave a soulmate to experience the world with. You have a huge appetite for life, and your partners must share that quality.

34. He is the Sexiest Coral Reef On Earth

33. He Knows Exactly How to Snuggle a Puppy...

32. ...And a Kitten...

31. ...And Just About anything Really!

30. He's Adorable, Even When He's Trying to Act Angry as Damon Salvatore

29. He Makes Valid Suggestions Like THIS!

28. Those Eyes!

27. He Isn't Afraid to Joke Around

26. He Knows Exactly What His Fans Want!

25. He Loves to Blow Kisses for us to Catch

24. He Spreads Positivity by Seeing the Good in Everyone and Everything...

23. ...But He's Not Afraid to Stand Up for the People He Loves if He Has Too

22. He Loves to Get Down and Boogie

21. He Even Managed to Rock THIS Outfit While Hiding in a Fir Tree!

20. He Understands That Pizza Is the Best Food Source

19. He Is Literally the Definition of 'Tall, Dark, and Handsome'

18. He Looks Ridiculously Good in a Suit

17. He's Open About His Feelings

16. Move Over Cara Delevingne, Ian Hustles the Eyebrow Game Harder!

15. He Is Responsible for Our Favorite Vampire Diaries Character of All Time!

14. Even Elephants Want to Hug Him

13. He Doesn't Want Gifts for His Birthday. Instead He's Asked Fans to Make a Donation to His Charitable Foundation

12. His Bath Times Involve Beer

Photo by Butch Hogan
Photo by Butch Hogan

Thanks a billion times over to Butch Hogan, the photographer who gave us this joy!

11. You Know He'd Be a Hilarious Dinner Party Guest

10. He Isn't Shy About Whipping His Shirt Off...

9. ...Over...

8. ...And Over...

7. ...Again!

6. He Always Wishes Us Goodnight, Even on His Birthday!

5. That Smouldering Smirk

4. He's Building an Animal Shelter... What's Not to Like About That?!

3. He is Responsible for the Hottest GIFs of All Time

2. He Always Has Time for His Fans

1. He Blows Out His Birthday Candles Like a Boss!

Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder! From Everyone at Moviepilot!


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