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Warning: May contain spoilers for the comic series of The Walking Dead

Although we've already done a small run down for the teaser trailer for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5B, there seems to be elements which are still ripe for dissection, namely what are, or were, those gates protecting?!

Although we were only given 30 seconds of teaser, the Walking Dead guys managed to pack quite a punch into those precious seconds and gave us snippets of stuff like this voice over from Michonne:

We're a hundred miles away, what if it's some place we can be safe?

Now, we already theorized over here that Michonne is talking about Noah's walled community in Richmond, Virginia which is just over 109 miles away from Grady Memorial in Washington D.C., but what if the trailer shows the group did listen to Michonne and go to Richmond, and this is what they found:

A previously safe walled community now overrun with walkers. This could be the reason Glenn, Rick and Daryl look so ready for action in this scene - they're checking the community for any survivors or walkers

This scene looks to take place at the same set of gates as in the first scene but there doesn't seem to be any walkers around, even though the trailer has made it look like the group are running away from the gates, perhaps they're running into the compound after killing the initial onslaught of walkers? It would explain why the road sign faces the other way - it's for people coming into the community.

All of this would also totally explain Noah's reaction at the end of the trailer (note what looks to be walls and power lines behind him):

This is definitely the reaction of a man who returned home after a year to find his only remaining parent as a walker.

it would also explain scenes of the walker in a bedroom which looks like it had been used until recently

And also Tyreese and Noah looking in the cobwebbed doorway of a house with the doorframe covered in blood - perhaps this was Noah's house?

If this theory about Richmond being overrun it could be a nice nod to The Walking Dead comic series, which also mentioned Richmond, Virginia but in a slightly different way.

In the comic, a relatively new character named Magna and her group recently joined the Alexandria Safe-Zone having come from Richmond. She tells Andrea that the group had to leave Richmond after the nursing home they were living in became unsafe, and they headed toward Washington D.C. (Alexandria is just 10 miles from Washington D.C.)

Though a nursing home is not quite a walled community like Noah talked about, the mentions of Richmond have to be more than a coincidence, right?

Watch the whole Season 5B teaser trailer below:


Do you think Richmond will be overrun?

Source: AMC YouTube


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