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With [The Walking Dead](series:201193) on hiatus until February 8th, I'm finding it tough to deal without my Sunday evening zombie fix, as I'm sure many of you are. However thanks to the creative minds over at DeviantArt we can get a little fix of the apocalypse in a slightly more animated form than we're used to!

Many brilliant artists on DeviantArt have reimagined our favorite crew of walker killers as they might appear in animated form. Sure, the TV series is also a comic series, I hear you saying - but check out these amazing interpretations of what I'm dubbing, 'The Animated Dead':

Glenn, Rick, and Daryl mean business!

Three of the best dudes on the show are animated, armed and ready to launch into a walker battle. Check out all the side-eying they're doing...I wouldn't want to cross them, even in animated form.

By DeviantArtist perditionist

The Dixon's ready for action

Daryl and Merle, the Dixon brothers! I'm guessing this was imagined before Merle went full walker.

By DeviantArtist Neptune-Nonsense

Bethyl kicking ass

After the events of the mid-season finale this one makes me quite sad.

By DeviantArtist ted1air

Daryl and Lil Ass Kicker

Naww, this scene just got even cuter in animated form! I hope we see more totally cute Daryl and Judith moments in the second half of Season 5.

By DeviantArtist chachi411

The whole gang!

So much to look at, so much to love! Carol's expression is fantastic, and Michonne's watchful glare over the governor is perfect.

By DeviantArtist Grunnet

Officer Rick Grimes at your service

Those walkers, that hairline...that jaw!

By DeviantArtist blitzcadet

Carl, Rick and Michonne take a road trip!

This one is from the Season 4, episode 12 'Clear,' and it almost looks like the quintessential family road trip with mom and dad in the front and the sulking kid in the back, love it!

By DeviantArtist Jorell-Rivera

Michonne and Andrea take care of business

Turns out Michonne and Andrea are a super popular duo for artists on DeviantArt, and I love this version. Andrew looks like a total bad-ass with her guns, and Michonne, well, she always looks awesome as hell.

By DeviantArtist PeejayCatacutan

Daryl Dixon fleeing for his life

I have to say, this is one very unusual look for Daryl. Usually he's running into danger, not running from it! But I love how crazy and deranged he looks, though with those weird teeth are we sure he hasn't already been bitten?

By DeviantArtist ric-jager


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