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Despite last week's heroic rescue attempt by Damon and Elena, Bonnie was left weeping and alone in 1994.

Mystic Falls' favorite witch might have been languishing in the barren groundhog day style wilderness for nine whole episodes now, but I firmly believe she has what it takes to escape. Whether it's on her own, or with a little help from her friends.

Bonnie might have gained a bit of a reputation as being a self sacrificing limp lettuce these days, but her generous and kindly nature belies one of the most powerful witches the world has ever known.

Bonnie has desiccated an Original vampire, mastered using three distinct types of magic, and kicked ass multiple times throughout the series.

So, let's regain our faith in the latest shining star in the long line of Bennetts by revisiting some of Bonnie's most badass moments so far.

Bonnie Saves Damon's Sorry Ass

Episode: Season 1, episode 22

Why it's awesome: Bonnie loathes Damon in season 1, thanks to his lax morals and the fact her Grams died while opening the tomb at Damon's behest.

Although Bonnie's action of numbing the flames to enable him to be saved is pretty altruistic, she also has the badass ulterior motive of bending Damon to her will through her generosity.

Shortly after saving Damon, Bonnie threatens that she will kill him if he spills a drop of innocent blood again. She understands her powers now and she isn't afraid to use them.

Bonnie Shows Elena Who's Boss

Episode: Season 4, episode 19

Why it's awesome: Have you ever just wanted to give Elena a swift backhand and break her wrist for good measure? If so, this clip of Bonnie losing it and taking her former BFF down will be incredibly cathartic!

Elena thinks she is the boss of everything when she loses her humanity, but she realizes she has messed with the wrong witch when she picks a fight with Bonnie.

The look on Bonnie's face when she heals herself and prepares to attack is pure, unadulterated badass.

Bonnie Gets her Powers Back

Episode: Season 6, episode 3

Why it's awesome: Bonnie without powers is like a bun with no burger, but we finally got to sink our teeth into the full, delicious deal again in Season 6.

Bonnie finally showing Kai's smarmy face what she can do was priceless (even if he was kind of playing her), and she got to save Damon in the process. And, she actually cared about him this time. Awww.

Bonnie Saves Just About Everyone

Episode: Season 5, episode 22

Why it's awesome: After Bonnie has singlehandedly saved just about everybody by allowing them to pass through her as an anchor to the Otherside, she is part of the most iconic ending of any Vampire Diaries season finale.

Bonnie and Damon bravely face their unknown fate together, and when they clasp hands and walk into the light, you know they are heading toward something huge.

Bonnie Blasts Klaus

Episode: Season 2, episode 21

Why it's Awesome: Bonnie blasts the living s**t out of Klaus. Do I really need to say more?!

This has to be the most badass we have ever seen Bonnie, and she is totally capable of reaching these levels again.


Do you think Bonnie will get back from 1994 soon?


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