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News is already beginning to generate concerning the sequel to Will Smith's superhero comedy-action film, Hancock. There have been rumors and hints dropped since June of this year that the possibility of pop and R&B sensation Beyonce Knowles would be joining the cast as his new leading lady.

But, then again, we could also be looking at Longmire cast member Irene Bedard. In July, Bedard had placed a message on her Facebook profile about the issue and this was what she had to say about the possibility:

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Still waiting to hear from Will Smith's people on [Hancock 2](movie:34611) (Cross your fingers!) but it brings up an interesting question: Why aren't there more American Indian/Alaskan Natives cast in Hollywood blockbusters?


Well, regardless of what her ethnical views may be, she is presenting herself as at least 'hopeful and cheery' about the possibilty.

Now, a month before this post was shared by Bedard, Entertain This! had stated that Knowles had already landed the role, stating:

Vibe did some snooping on IMDB today and stumbled across an interesting tidbit: Queen Bey appears to have the role of Carly Kicker in Hancock 2.

So the next question remains: Who the hey is it going to be?

In other news concerning this project, more rumors are also begininng to circulate that Jason Bateman will not be returning for the sequel due to rumors that the orriginal script that was being conceived that would have developed his character even more as well as his relationshipo with his now-discovered superhuman wife.

But as is stands now, since June, most of the news on the wire is already congratulating Knowles on her role before any actual announcements have been made concerning her role in the film. This just means that Bedard may still have a shot at getting the role as it stands now.

According to Eyes and Voice on June 27th, Knowles' name had been removed from the IMDB database and stated it was for this reason:

“Bey and Will are apparently not teaming up for Hancock 2.”

The reason: Apparently the true leading lady's name (according to them) was not Carly Kicker after all. In fact, the name that had been given on the famous movie-database website was Knowles Neeson, which is being stated as being played by Bedard.

So, it seems that we are right back where we started, with not exactly knowing WHO will be with Big Willy in the next sequel. I just hope they make an announcement soon so that fans of all three celebs as well as Hancock will not be further disappointed and get their hopes up.


Who do you think would serve as Big Willy's better leading lady?


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