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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

I was never any good at woodworking class, partly due to the fact that I spent far too much time playing video games instead of getting my hands dirty in the workshop. But as it turns out, the two skills aren't mutually exclusive, as the incredibly talented artist ScrollSawScribbler proves!

This stunning collection of video game-spired wood sculptures are so intricately designed, you can only witness them in their full glory when viewed at certain angles. Take a look...

It's On Like Donkey Kong!

Pretty impressive, huh? Wait until you see exactly how it was cut to produce a wonderful 3D effect:

The craftsmanship on show here is remarkable, and it's all cut by hand!


Everyone's favorite Nintendo mascot has been carved out immaculately.


I really want one of those boxes to store my games in now!


The four starting Pokemon originally came from Professor Oak, whereas now they just come from oak!

What a creative idea for a video game-themed Christmas decoration. Maybe I'll dig out my tools and have a go myself.


What do you think of these sculptures?


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