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Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima - well known in the game industry for his eccentric tastes and humorous pranks - may have pulled off his latest stunt by secretly revealing the release date for his upcoming game via a secret message printed on his shirt.

Kojima recently took to the stage at The Game Awards - our industry's closest Oscars-equivalant - to present a brand new video for Metal Gear Solid V. However, the video itself may have been a clever piece of misdirection, as the real information everyone wanted to know was when the game is actually coming out. In classic Kojima style, the answer was right in front of everybody's eyes!

'Tjugoan Den Sjatte'

Always one to make a statement with his outfit, Kojima came out sporting a cryptic t-shirt printed with Swedish writing that read 'Tjugoan Den Sjatte.' Since 'Tjugoan' means '22nd' and 'Den Sjatte' means 'the 6th,' it would be safe to speculate that Metal Gear Solid V's release date will be...

June 22nd, 2015!

Hideo's strange obsession with the Swedes began two years ago when a video promoting a game called The Phantom Pain was released by a mysterious Swedish studio called Moby Dick.

Moby Dick, based in Stockholm, was said to be headed by CEO Joakim Mogren. Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted that 'Joakim' is an anagram of 'Kojima.' As expected, Moby Dick was in fact a front for Kojima Productions and The Phantom Pain turned out to actually be Metal Gear Solid V.

The new trailer for the action-adventure stealth game showed off its online component, named Metal Gear Online. The new mode is confirmed to include one surprising feature no one was expecting:


It's good to see Kojima's esoteric sense of humor has remained intact. I wonder what other crazy surprises are in store for us...

Watch the full Metal Gear Solid V Online reveal below:


Do you think 06.22.15 is the actual release date?


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