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Okay, I thought it was time for me to step away from what I call 'my news desk' and have just a little bit of fun.

Being fans of just about anything and everything that has to deal in movie culture and anything connected to it, there are actually a lot of guys out there that really know how to have fun with it and just go crazy!

As a small little Christmas present for ya'll, I spent some time scouring the Web, looking for the biggest and the best of fan-made movies. Some of them are extremely detailed, while other look like they were shot with a simple video camera. In any event, I wanted to share what I found with you all as a way of saying thanks for reading and following. To all who supported me, thanks a lot! To those who disagreed with me, no problems and Happy Holidays anyway!

So, without further ado, let's unwrap this puppy!

Plants vs. Zombies the MOVIE

I could not pass this one up, as the children in this movie are sooooooooo cute! I know the family that performed in this film were not making it professionally but who cares? The video is low-quality, the sound and video effects are hilarious, and there's enough ham and cheese in this that you could make a six-egg omelette! Great for a good laugh!


For all you MegaMan fans out there, this full-length fan-made film from Blue Core Studios in dedication to our favorite video-game robot is AWESOME! Check it out! Ninety minutes!


Another short from Blue Core Studios, this one being from Sega's 'Sonic the Hedgehog', and actually features the original voice actor who played Sonic, Jaleel White!

Justice League Dark

From One Riot One Ranger Productions, a fan-made film about one of DC's most supernatural fighting teams, Justice League Dark. It is phenomenal!


This short film from Can Cinema, was inspired by our favorite trasure hunter, Lara Croft, as she races against time to save the life of a young girl that is being held captive by a gang of thugs in an undisclosed mountain range.

Terminator: Revelation

KQ Productions presents this homage to the Terminator franchise, entitled Terminator: Revelation. The story revolves around John Connor in his teens, as he travels back in time in order to protect his father, Kyle Reese, and make another attempt at stopping SkyNet. For a fan film, I was extremely impressed with this, as these kids' narrative of the story was strong, and the special-effects were good for what they had to work with. Well worth a check!

EVE Online

This homage to the space-age online game, 'EVE Online', Judo Libertas presents his version of a theoretical movie trailer of his own conception, and let me say, this is IMPRESSIVE!

Half-Life 3

This teaser trailer created by Deviant Pictures films takes us into the universe of Half Life 3, where the main characters Gordon and Alyx are trying to find shelter from a snowstorm after a recent attack in the Arctic. The trailer was created from both original footage as well as footage from the game itself. This was probably one of the best fan-mades yet that I have come across for the video games genre!

Star Wars: Threads of Destiny

Okay all you Warsies! I gotta say, YIKES! This full-length feature fan film from Threads of Destiny has GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST THAT I HAVE COME ACROSS YET! Set 94 years after the Battle of Endor, the New Republic and New Jedi Knights must battle once again to save the galaxy from the hands of the Skravi Empire and its former Imperial lapdogs! Check this out!

But, before I get too long in this, look out, because I am going to be doing a lot more digging! Stay tuned!


Which of these fan-made movies is your favorite?


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