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As I was saying in my last article, before I got very excited over the prospect of a new Zelda game and JUST HOW GOOD IT LOOKS(!!!), the weekend gone was an amazing one for games. We unanimously got very excited over the likes of The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4 and got a little bit disillusioned over the reemergence of Final Fantasy VII.

Really putting the PS4 through its paces...
Really putting the PS4 through its paces...

But there were plenty more games on offer all new and original IP to whet our never ceasing appetites for storytelling, and momentarily save us from the deluge of sequels. So shall we have a look at them? Shall we? Yes?


In all of their pixelated glory. Watch out now...

Until Dawn

The teen horror movie-esque survival game from Supermassive games was originally touted as a Playstation Move game for PS3, but thankfully they held it off and churned out this masterstroke! It looks great and stars ex-Heroes heroine Hayden Panettiere. Guide a bunch of friends through a night fraught with a murderous terror, and beware for whoever dies, stays dead...

No Man's Sky

Otherwise known as "HOLYCRAPTHATLOOKSAMAZING!", No Man's Sky is the procedurally generated, open universe, explore-em-up that puts you on the edge of a galaxy far, far away and leaves you to get on with it. The game, helmed by Hello Games who last presided over the Joe Danger series, will include space battles, underwater exploration and dinosaurs. Because every game needs dinosaurs!

Drawn To Death

A truly original game in aesthetics! The mind behind God Of War and Twisted Metal brings you a multiplayer arena shooter from, literally, the pages of a troubled teenager's notepad. It looks absolutely mental and will be a PS4 exclusive!

Metal Gear Online is a a long line of sequels, but while not a stand alone game in itself, it's Metal Gear...ONLINE! FINALLY! In a similar vein to GTA Online, MGO will be releasing with The Phantom Pain next year. Be prepared to lose more hours stealthing with friends!


What a looker this one is! Tearaway is a platforming game, from Media Molecule, the people behind LittleBigPlanet, where you play as a little character, made entirely of paper, that is on its way to deliver you a message! This game uses the Dual Shock 4 in some amazing ways, like really complements the sheer versatility of the controller. It's awesome and you should play it.

Gang Beasts

Ever wanted to battle your friends in the form of a drunk, gelatinous humanoid? Now you can! This game is ridiculous, cartoonishly violent and very, very funny. Go forth and pre-purchase.


Erm. Despite having no idea what this game is about, it's on the list due to its sheer creativity. Hailing from the minds of Katamari Damacy's Keita Takahashi and ex-thatgamescompany's (the Journey devs) Robin Hunicke new company - Funomena, this game seeks to make "connections between different types of things." Okay... It was also inspired by Takahashi's two year old son. Now that makes sense.

Phew, that was a list and a half - if I may say so myself! What did you guys think? What were your stand out games from The Video Game Awards and Playstation Experience? Pop 'em in the comments and lets get all flappy armed excited together!

(Source The Game Awards & Playstation via YouTube)


Which game are you most looking forward to?


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