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Grew up in the 80's and until Tim Burton's Batman, also watch some of the some awful adaptations of comic book heroes brought to the small s
Jeff Hubbard

So I just saw this on Yahoo, James Jesse aka the Trickster is going to be making an appearance in this season of the Flash. But here is the kicker boys and girls, James Jesse will be played by MARK HAMILL. Yes that is right, Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, The Trickster from The Flash series of the 90's and the voice of Mr. J, The Joker from Batman:TAS and Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, along with countless Arkham video games and DCUO mmo. Episode 17 of this season will have James Jesse locked away in Iron Heights prison according to the article I read on Yahoo, as a new Trickster start pranking Central City.

Yes I know that we have to wait, for so many episodes to get to this one. But this is going to be worth it. I am excited for this as I was hoping that they might be able to get Mark Hamill to at least make an appearance for the show, even if he doesn't play the Trickster. For more information check out this link:

So anybody else have someone they want to see guest star from any of the DC character shows or movies that have been made?


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