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Mugshots are some of the most interesting and telling photos, period. There is no time to prepare for them, you've just been arrested, and the pure raw emotion of the crime (or alleged crime) is still there on your face. Nobody gets to pick their mugshot. That is up to the police officer who snaps the photo and the administrative person who uploads the photo to the database. Even celebrities have mugshots when they get arrested that don't always come out as well as they'd like.

This list of real mugshots look like they belong in a horror film. They are straight up scary as hell.

1. Come on now... these eyes can't be real!

This dude can't be serious with those eyes. Looking at someone like that has to be some sort of crime.

2. Dude who is not shy about his racism

Normally, they say first impressions can be misleading. But with this guy, I truly am absolutely sure he isn't pleasant. He has multiple swastikas and "skin head" tattooed on his face. Tattoos. All. Over. His. Face. Even his ears have tattoos.

3. Sleepy suspect

I can relate to this guy, actually. He just needs a little shuteye. He'll be able to get plenty behind bars.

4. Dude with small but plentiful tattoos

This dude gave up on thinking about what other people thought YEARS ago. I'm not sure if he's guilty of the crime, but he's certainly guilty of not giving a damn.

5. Scratchy forehead dude

I need all the details on how those scratches ended up on his forehead. All of them.

6. Crazy teeth guy

These teeth are frightening. I can't look away, though. The one in the middle seems gigantic.

7. Jacko looking like he recently applied lipstick

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. Have to say that first and foremost. But this is not his best photo.

8. Dude who just took a bath in cocaine

This dude seems pretty guilty. He has what appears to be drugs all over his face and body.

9. Yeesh

I'm not even going to comment on this guy out of fear that he will find me, track me down, and murder my entire family.

10. Pirate dude

At least this guy is kind of a troll. His definition of "normal" is not the same as yours. He is completely unhireable but he doesn't even care.

So, I guess the lesson here is to always be ready. You never know when you're going to get arrested and, in the event that you do, you gotta look fresh for your mugshot.


Who had the craziest look?

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