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Okay, let me tell you, I am starting to get very impressed with a lot of these companies that have dedicated their lives to making films based upon honoring our favorite franchises.

In this section, we look upon one of my favorite heroes: the Batman! On the web, there are numerous small studios that have taken up the mantle of honoring our favorite Dark Knight, and everthing that I have seen thus far is at the OMG scale.

While there have been some that have been done by independent smaller films companies, there are others that have been done by one person, and for all of their work, I have felt it necessary to honor them in this series of articles. WE often forget the raw talent that is out in the trenches that is just waiting to be discovered, and after all that I have seen, it only goes to show that it is not necessary to belong to a large movie studio in order to prove that you have the chops to make something that will make you think, feel, and become absorbed!

Now, for present Number Two for everyone! Let's unwrap the paper and follow the BatSignal in this fan-filled homage to Gotham's protector!

Bat In The Sun Productions

In 'Batman: City of Scars', Batman must find the Joker who has went on yet another murder spree in Gotham, murdering one particular family and taking their son to draw Batman out of the shadows. It is then a race against time for the Dark Knight to find both the Joker and the child before he unleashes one of his most devious and psychologically disturbing strokes.

Raved by the LA Times, MTV, and G4TV, 'City of Scars' is marked as a 'must-watch' due to the film's psychological thriller approach as we are taken into even deeper into the ever-evolving demented mind of the Clown Prince of Crime as well as his cohort, Harley Quinn. The film also delves into the madness that Batman endures each day as he faces these new evils and the power that it takes to keep from teetering over the same precipice.

A definite must-see from me also!

I also had to share this...... as this is the most haunting tune that I have EVER heard. And this is not even from any of the major 'Batman' films! It is the main theme 'City of Scars', sung by Madelynne Rae. Found out it's available on ITunes also!

This next film, 'Seeds of Arkham', finds the Batman trying to quell a chaotic uprising that is being caused by inmates at Arkham Asylum shortly after the Clown Prince of Crime dies. Their leaders: Poison Ivy and Killer Croc!

In 'Dark Justice', The Dark Knight must come to the aide of Comissioner Jim Gordon after his daughter, Barbara, is kidnapped by a group of thugs who plan on making her dispappear permanently......

In this short film, 'Batman Legends', Bruce Wayne gives a short monologue about his nightmarish life and the great odds that he faces. Not only the crazies that continually escape from Arkham, but the great losses that he suffers such as the self-felt betrayal of his former ward Nightwing, as well as the death of Robin........

Other Production Studios and Independents

From JAC Studios, this short-five minute film was very well-done that gets us into the Batman in the early beginnings of his crusade, attempting to save a young woman from a group of thugs that have been hired to take her out of the equation. Whoever was playing Batman took a great cue in voice imatation from Christian Bale!

From Koenig Studios, they take us even deeper into the Batman Universe with 'Batman: Crusader'. The story actually revolves around the Dark Knight attempting to get his hands on one of his most dangerous foes that he faced when he first began....... Black Mask!

In 'Riddle of the Mask' and 'Truth of the Mask', Broad Strokes Productions brings us two darker chapters in the Dark Knight mythology, as the Huntress is kidnapped by the Riddler in order to find out the true identity of the Batman. The performance of Riddler sent absolute chills down my spine!

Okay, I had to give proper respect to Matt Baamonde for this...... one of the few 'Batman: Beyond' fan films that I have come across in my research. I was a HUMUNGEOUS fan of the series when it was on despite the fact that everyone who is a die-hard Bruce Wayne fan pretty much busted on it when it aired! The animation is crisp and the script is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! There is plans on making a part two for this. It was supposed to be for last year, but WHO KNOWS? I hope he gets it done soon! For now, enjoy 'Batman Beyond: Rising Knight'!

In this short film from Mechanical Minds, entitled 'Red Queen', we delve into the madness that is Harley Quinn, as well as her connection with the Joker as she is systematically tortured by her lover and a watchful psychiatrist who will stop at nothing to break her will while within the walls of Arkham.....

In this independently-created film by Bryan Nest, 'Batman: Puppet Master' deals with Arkham, and the fact that someone has been releasing its inmates to the city streets. But, in the wake of the death of Harvey Dent, Gotham sees fit to bring in some extra help in the form of Federal Agent Edward Nigma, whose sole job is to bring in the Batman for the murder of Dent. But, does he have an agenda all of his own?

This film's quality reminded me a lot of Christopher Nolan's trilogy. The filming is expertly shot and the screenwriting on this is FLAWLESS! You have got to check this one out!

Okay, Batfans, I was not ready for this..... someone is actually out there that wants to tell the story of an unsung hero of the Batman Universe....... Ace the Bathound! From what I have seen of this trailer by its creator, Leo Tierney, I honestly hope that he gets this done! The last mention of Bruce Wayne's beloved pooch was in the 'Batman Beyond' series, where he sometimess became a sidekick to the Batman of the future , Terry McGuiness. Then, of course(and I honestly hate to remember this), he was also on a few episodes of the short-lived WB animated series, 'Krypto, the Superdog'. That one was not a fond memory for me.......

Yet another 'Batman Beyond' short fan-film from 2012 by independent film studio Macarony Productions, future Batman Terry McGuiness comes face-to-face with terror as an old arch-nemesis from Bruce Wayne's past rears his ugly head.....

Independent film creator Andy Gilleand dons his film skills and pays homages to some of the most popular Batman games in history, 'Arkham Asylum', Arkham City', and Arkham Origins'. To me, anyone that would take the time to bring this brilliant stories to life in his own artistic way and make the stories accesible to those that may not know well of the franchise deserves my respect as well as my inlcusion inthis massive list. Grab your popcorn kids and check these out! :

In this uncredited fan film, entitled 'Batman:Evolution', this darkly satirical view of the Dark Knight is done from the style of the 1960's and then fast-forwards to the present day. Pretty cool!

In 'Batman: Death Wish', Batman, Robin, and Nightwing must come together to find out who is killing Gotham's major crime kingpins......

Yet another dedication to the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn, as well as a great homage to the great Heath Ledger and his portrayal of the iconic Joker. I present 'Harlequin', from ITF Productions:

A real rare gem.... a short fan-made film dedicated to one of Batman's most frightening villians, the Scarecrow! Enjoy from Nerd Sync Productions, 'Fear' :

Oh man, and even someone got into Two-Face with this awesome short film entitled 'Underneath' by Andrew Bergamo:

Goosey Studios gives a very unique and dark take on Batman, and actually has you rethink what you know about the Dark Knight as Bruce Wayne speaks to a psychiatrist in Hawaii about his life as Batman, only to ask the question: Who is Bruce Wayne? This is 'Batman: Brainstorm' :

In 'Batman: The Kill', Bruce Wayne begins having nightmares, most especially about some of Arkham's most psychotic and dangerous criminals, such as Victor Zsasz and Black Mask, as examples. But, what he does not know about what is happening to him may end up killing him..........

Yet another AMAZING fan film done in the filmmaking style of Frank Miller's 'Sin City' series from ThirdActMontage, 'Batman: Coldblood' finds our hero on Christams Eve tracking down Killer Croc after a burglary gone wrong, with most of the perspective told in imagery and special effects that will take your breath away!

Now, another Harley Quinn treat: 'Harley Quinn:Origins

Last, but not least, two short films dedicated to the Dark Knight's humble beginnings. The first installment is entitled 'Batman: Ophan Knight' and the second is 'The Wayne Murders: I Still Remember' :

It still never ceases to amaze me the creative genius, time, and effort that is put into productions such as these. Every time, there is always something different and new, and also every time, we are introduced to a new vision. While there are countless others out there that deserve at least some recognition for their efforts, there is a place that divides the best-made and simply a few guys with a video camera running around in Bat-suits hitting each other with pool noodles! While funny for the normal guy, not eactly what I would call 'great entertainment'. These films, in my opinion, could stand right up there with the many great movies that they were spurned from, and these fans knew their universe even better than some I have ever known in my life.

It just goes to show: don't single out the little guy!

Well, gift Number Two has been unwrapped and man, was it nig! But, who knows, Gift Number Three might be just as big is not bigger!

How will you know? Check back here and I just might surpise you all!

Until then all, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Your Bud, DC.


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