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I can certainly understand shedding tears of joy upon seeing your favorite star, but imagine how

According to her own account, one of Angie's fan experienced a panic attack while waiting for her outside of the [The Daily Show with Jon Stewart](series:2086205). When security started adding extra barricades, essentially trapping the crowd, Jolie was quick to notice someone struggling. She made security extract the fan from the chaos, and she sat down with her away from the fray.

Sensing a child in need, Angie wipes away a fan's tears

Splash News
Splash News

She's clearly well-versed in the art of the selfie

Mandatory Byline: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Mandatory Byline: Diane Cohen/FA
Mandatory Byline: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Mandatory Byline: Diane Cohen/FA

Someone scored a new profile pic

This is a three-act series on par with some of Shakespeare's finest work! Not only did she take selfie-control, Jolie also WOULD NOT LEAVE HER FAN'S SIDE until she felt she was okay. Taking a moment of turmoil and making it memorable for all the right reasons, the director showcases why her latest movie is called [Unbroken](movie:791899).

Yes, I'm being a bit (okay, extremely) overdramatic, but how many times do we hear horror stories of major stars—especially those of Jolie's caliber—cruelly mistreating their fans? All too often, I say! It's refreshing to see an A-lister show some genuine compassion to her supporters.

How would you react if Angelina Jolie wiped your tears away?


Has Angelina Jolie proven herself worthy of sainthood yet?


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