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As someone who constantly writes speculation and covers trailers, I can tell my audience first-hand that I've encountered a ton of people who don't enjoy watching trailers or reading spoilers. At the end of the day, I don't personally see anything wrong with that: While I get supercharged on imagining what might happen to my favorite characters in film, others prefer waiting for the big surprise. Beyond avoiding spoilers, I know a handful of people that don't even watch the trailers for movies, waiting to watch the material "fresh" at the movie theaters.

Even trailers can contain spoilers!
Even trailers can contain spoilers!

George Lucas seems to sandwich between all of those categories, according to a recent interview with the New York Post. The man who created the Star Wars legacy had this to say when he was asked about the monumental trailer for The Force Awakens, which now boasts over 12 million views on YouTube alone:

I don’t know anything about it ... I haven’t seen it yet because it’s not in the movie theater. I like going to the movies and watching the whole thing there.

There's also something about the Star Wars films that would make it easier for me to avoid trailers - if following trailers did not fall into my day-to-day work life - and it's that, with [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158), I already know that I'm getting a Star Wars film. If you're a purist, or simply someone who prefers the thrill of a completely new experience, avoiding trailers is a pretty simple task.

Lucas, who now serves as a creative consultant on the Star Wars saga (with Kathleen Kennedy expertly guiding it at the control panel), is said to only swing by Lucasfilm once or twice a month, and didn't visit the movie's set very often during filming.

Regardless, it seems as though he trusts the hands that his creations have been put in, and has already committed to other projects - the trailer for his upcoming animated musical, Strange Magic, released just a little while ago.

Fans are still riding off of the high that the trailer left us on, but it's interesting seeing things on the other side of the trailer spectrum, especially when it comes from someone like George Lucas.


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