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I think I've seen [Gravity](movie:41913) , the movie not the force, about six to seven times. That's simple testament to how devoted I am to that movie. The duality of the sheer spectacle and scope of the visuals and the intimacy and cold, harsh realities of the absence of life in the endless black is astounding. The movie truly is an essay on rebirth and the subsequent evolution of the human spirit after a life altering cataclysm.

Gravity delivered space to us in ways never before seen on the screen. I mean not since Mass Effect 2's thrilling prologue have I felt so close to being an astronaut, something I've always dreamed of since childhood. Being amongst the heavens and the deafening silence of the celestial seas.

That's why I have high hopes for Adr1ft, the impending space-based survival adventure game from indie developers Three One Zero. It's a combatless game where you play as a female astronaut, the only survivor on a disheveled space station orbiting Earth, who is swiftly running out of oxygen.

In order to retain the small hope of getting back to terra firma, you have to guide the astronaut through the remnants of the space station and locate mainframe computers that will activate an escape pod and jettison her back home. Check out the trailer...

It looks absolutely terrific, doesn't it? Ah you haven't seen it. Well then...

In space no-one will hear you-


Possibly see it though. They've got internet up there.

Alone In The Dark

The trailer begins with the astronaut floating down what is perhaps a space corridor.

Minimalist Purity

She enters what may be a kitchen, or maybe an area where they grow plants for oxygen? She's fast running out of air and this canister is a harsh reminder of her plight.

Remnants Of A Civilization

There's a part of the space station. Looks incredible and terrifying. Earth lingers in the background a harsh ironic joke - so close and yet so far...

One Of The Unlucky Ones

One of the astronauts' team members floats lifelessly with their beacon a constant reminder of messages never to be answered. Man this is grim!

Closer Still

She spots a canister of oxygen at the end this estranged section. Her oxygen is rapidly falling, vision has blurred...will she make it? Or become another object in space?

I have high hopes that this game will be the immersive, life affirming science fiction giant it is touted to be. It looks and, especially sounds absolutely terrific - the claustrophobic coffin of her space suit beeps and muffles sound so majestically. And it will have Oculus Rift compatibility, imagine how harrowing and beautiful that will be!

This will be one of the greatest games of next year, I'll put money on it. Literally. This will be a day one purchase.

(Source: threeonezero)


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