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I'm in ma mid 20's and well lets just say ma world is just pretty much weird and amazing dats if ur able 2 get into ma mind and explore it
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Okay I have been thinking about "Daniel Radcliffe" joining the "DC" or "Marvel" universe I feel he should be giving a chance to show what his made off. All the movies I have seen on him aint all that good I feel that he was really popular in the"HARRY POTTER" sequel and after that ended DANIEL ended with it as well."EMMA WATSON" so far has been doing very well no complaints there, take a look at the NOAH movie she acted alongside with uhm our "GLADIATOR" star whats his name again...yea!!! "RUSSEL CROWE" well anyways EMMA has been doing pretty well so far and when I think of Daniel Radcliffe he should shine like the way Emma Watson does. ohk ohk sweet fans out there what do you think of Daniel starring in the"FLASH" series as a "META HUMAN" maybe as a hero or a villain in the FLASH series??? that alone should pave way for him in upcoming superhero movies lets just start there cause i know my dear HARRY POTTER is destined to do great things!!! hmmmmm i was thinking maybe uhm"NIGHTWING" in "Batman" should be a good start for him in an actual superhero movie or maybe JOHN CONSTANTINE in the"CONSTANTINE" movie acted by our "MATRIX" star "KEANU REEVES". Then again we have "BATMAN OF THE FUTURE" a cartoon tv series that just stopped airing all of a sudden I wonder why thats happening or did the story just fade into oblivion??? Why isnt anybody talking about this like seriously think about it, DANIEL RADCLIFFE as BATMAN OF THE FUTURE, thats gonna be insanely!!!! awesome!!! or what do you guys think about Daniel in a superhero movie do you want him as a VILLAIN OR HERO??? please this question is open for all so feel free to make your comments I would gladly listen to what you all have to say unfortunately I cant think of any villain role for my dear HARRY POTTER looool!!!!!


What do you think of Daniel Radcliffe in a SUPERHERO MOVIE. VILLAIN OR HERO?


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