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So, in an article of mine, I talked about Mark Hamill returning to his iconic role of the Trickster in the CW's Flash. I loved Mark Hamill's version of the character, and apparently I wasn't alone. After playing the Trickster in the short lived CBS Flash series (1990), fans were more than excited about his role as the Joker in almost everything Batman related!

Half of his acting credits are the Joker.
Half of his acting credits are the Joker.

But if Mark Hamill can reprise a role that's twenty-five years old (or will be when the episode premieres next year), then that got me thinking... what other actors should reprise their iconic superhero/villain roles?

1. Gary Oldman—Commissioner James Gordon

Gary Oldman portrayed Commissioner James 'Jim' Gordon in the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman films (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight Goes Back to College.) and was perfect! They could not have picked a better actor to play the tough-as-nails Commissioner of the GCPD! Gary Oldman was the first actor to come super close to the Jim Gordon in the comics, and he was the only one...until Ben McKenzie came along, that is. But he's still the only one in film! Which is why they should not recast James Gordon for any future DC films, just call up Gary again!

It's being reported that Commissioner James Gordon is deceased in the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film however... and though comic book characters never really stay dead (except for you Uncle Ben...), films don't usually bring back characters once they've kicked the bucket. But if you ever do decide to revive the Commissioner, DC, you had better have Gary Oldman on speed dial!

2. Morgan Freeman—Lucius Fox

Morgan Freeman too portrays a character in the Nolanverse trilogy—Lucius Fox. Lucius started off as a research head before being promoted to CEO of Wayne Enterprises by Bruce Wayne at the end of Batman Begins. Lucius wasn't that big of a character in the comics, just a business manager who was unknowingly providing Bruce with the finances to allow him to operate as Batman. But, unsurprisingly, Morgan Freeman skyrocketed the character's intrigue when he portrayed him in 2005 and continued to do so all the way until his final appearance as the character in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. I say unsurprisingly because any role that Morgan Freeman is cast in is bound to be great. The guy actually made me enjoy watching an eighty minute long movie about marching penguins. PENGUINS!

In the event that Lucius is ever considered for any future DC films, the obvious choice is Morgan Freeman. Not just because he's done so well as the character before, but also because he's MORGAN FREEMAN!

3. Sam Rockwell— Justin Hammer

Sam Rockwell was in Iron Man 2, portraying side antagonist Justin Hammer—a rival of Tony Stark's. He is a defense contractor who desperately wants to up Tony in anything. Which is why when he sees Tony's fancy Iron Man armor, and Tony won't fork it over, he decides to make his own. Enlisting the help of technical engineer/moonlighting bad dude Ivan Vanko to build his own armored suits. Ivan ends up betraying Justin (big shocker) and instead makes droids to attack Tony at an event.

Much like Morgan Freeman, Sam brought color to an otherwise unpopular and unimportant character. Before Sam, you'd have to be a pretty big comic fan to even remember Justin Hammer's name. Well, maybe that's just me. If Justin Hammer ever makes an appearance in the MCU again, Marvel please cast Sam Rockwell!

Also, Fun Fact: Sam Rockwell's version of the character is noticeably younger than the comic source material, and Morgan Freeman's version of his character, Lucius, is noticeably older. Why should you care? You honestly shouldn't! But, now you know!

Wordart lives!
Wordart lives!

4. Jim Carrey—The Riddler

Batman Forever was a great thing for Batman. It was the sequel to the first serious Batman film, and pretty much immortalized Batman as a dark and brooding serious character. And it was for the better. Not that we didn't love Adam West's silly version of the character.

This isn't my utility-belt! It's my tuna fish belt!
This isn't my utility-belt! It's my tuna fish belt!

Batman Forever also featured Jim Carrey as iconic rogue's gallery Batman villain, the Riddler. Riddler was pretty well known before Jim portrayed him, but in my personal opinion Jim Carrey was the absolute perfect actor for the role! Jim's Riddler was crazy, eccentric and memorable!

Chances are that the Riddler is going to show up in the DCCU again at some point, whether in a Suicide Squad film, a Batman film, A DC show, or whatever. If he does, I hope that DC considers Jim Carrey again. Dumb and Dumber To proves that his age since the last time he played the role is no problem!

5. J.K. Simmons—J. Jonah Jameson

J.K Simmons IS J. JONAH JAMESON! By that I mean that I seriously believe he is the actual comic book character who somehow crossed into our world in order to become a movie star! In all seriousness J.K. is absolutely perfect as JJJ! Not only is his acting spot on, he stays surprisingly true to the character and incredibly close to the source material!

Don't believe me? Just pick up a comic book from before J.K played the role and you too will believe that J. Jonah Jameson is a inter-dimensional traveler who has come to our dimensions to bring us joy, laughter, and funny internet memes.

Too soon?
Too soon?

So, those are the 5 celebrities that need to reprise their iconic superhero roles!

Who do you want to see?


Who would you want to see reprise their role?


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