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Maphook put together an interactive map to highlight the filming locations of the most beloved holiday movies.

The holidays are almost here and many will be feeling nostalgic for their favorite seasonal films in the coming months. To help celebrate this festive time of the year, MapHook, developer of social discovery and location related apps, launched an interactive map highlighting some of the most beloved real-life locations of your favorite holiday films. The map is part of MapHook’s CultureHook project, designed to help people discover more about the area around them; it displays dynamic pins that show locations made famous in many classic and modern films, from holiday standby’s like A Christmas Story to the loveable Elf. The pins contain curated content such as trivia, pictures and videos about the shows and the locations where they were filmed.

The holiday movie map features locations of interest such as:

• Ralphie’s family house in Cleveland, OH from A Christmas Story. Rumor is, from the right angle you can even see the famous, scantily clad Leg Lamp in the windowsill

• The NYC building where Buddy the Elf spins and spins in the revolving doors in his excitement in the modern classic Elf. Just don’t tell the doorman MapHook sent you when recreating the famous scene

• The Boat House where Sam and Jonah settle down after departing from Chicago in Sleepless in Seattle.

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