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Look, I'm sure you've wondered this as much as I have. It's a question that's just never been answered until now. If the journalistic realms of the Internet could name our movies, what would be the result?

Well a comedian and writer named Rob Whisman has taken the question on and answered it the best way possible with this post that first appeared on Playboy.

Here are the results, though I'll leave out the titles so you can brag about which ones you got in the comments (not that this is a hard list):

#1: 35 Important Life Lessons Tyler Durden Taught Us

Only 35?

#2 This Move Made Me Think Twice Before Throwing Out Pepsi Cans

The Dark Side of Nature, indeed.

#3 WHOA, Spoiler alert.

Psychics HATE him.

#4 What This Teen Did When His Parents Left Will Make Your Day

Now that's Upworthy.

#5 How Well Do You Know The Words To "O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN!"

Too soon.

#6 Which Deadly Sin Are You?

10/10 would take this quiz.

#7 This Man Will Restore Your Faith In Human Centipedes

Faith in Centipedemanity restored.

#8 14 Monsters Every Introvert Will Encounter In Their Lifetime

This is...really accurate actually.

#9 This Movie Perfectly Sums Up Why You Shouldn't Clone Dinosaurs

True-ish story: this was the working title for Jurassic World.

There's a few more from Rob's list that you can check out here. And let's not be surprised if someone in Hollywood reads this list and applies it to the next Grumpy Cat movie. You won't believe what would happen next.


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