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Eric Djscoobyd Smith

I'm gonna just say if your inner fan boy isn't jumping right now, then it should. I saw this and instantly went crazy!!!! Okay for those who aren't familiar with anime then you might wanna leave........... Okay for those of you who are anime-holics then lets carry on. I didn't know much about "Attack on Titan" until my 13yr old son turned me on to it. I first caught my glimpse of this show on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Now I've been sleeping somewhat to have missed this one but now I'm awake & let me just say I'm ready for this movie as well. But doesn't look like we will be getting this on in the U.S. right off the bat. Not that Hollywood isn't trying but as of right now it's only gonna be in Japan according to what I read on Screen Rant. You can checkout the info for yourself @ Now I'm sure by now I still have a few newbies still reading going WTF, so let me give you a little task of what us anime fans are going crazy about.

And even though this one is in Japanese you get the meaning of how awesome this would be in a live action film. When my son finds out, he's definitly gonna want to get this movie & he wont care if its all subtitle. Hell I'm gonna be watching it for all the sword flying titan kill action myself. There's even a teaser commercial from Subaru on YouTube. But looking at the cool movie posters that has been dropped this looks bad ass.


This should have your blood pumping and heart racing to see this. These movie posters are freaking awesome. And I cant contain myself long enough to wait. Bu just like everyone else I'm gonna have to lol. I'll keep you up to date when I have more to go on.


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