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John Adams makes up part of Wonder Wheel Productions, the family-run prod co behind such films as Rumblestrips, Knuckle Jack and now The Shoot. We spoke to John about the business and his new feature.

Is this film number three for you? What did you do differently on film three as opposed to film one and two?
Our first two films were RUMBLESTRIPS and KNUCKLE JACK. With THE SHOOT we had a much bigger production. Since we do all our films as a family we were sure to work with actors who were able to “rough it” with us. It was a huge undertaking but the support we had from everyone was phenomenal.

Do you find it easy to watch your own films – unlike actors, who dread watching their own work?
I love watching what we’re doing while we’re working on it. Once it’s done and I see how it ends I watch the final edit and then move on to the next project.

What’s the tone of The Shoot?
It is a dark, humorous but real take on take on how people end up on the front page of the crime section of the local paper.

Who were your filmmaking influences – especially in regards to The Shoot?
We set out to make a film with 70’s looking film with a 2014 beating heart.

You’ve a couple of familiar faces in the film. Did those familiar faces help to get the film up?
We produced this film ourselves. However, the familiar faces helped us achieve what we wanted in each scene they appeared in. There is a reason the familiar faces you speak of are familiar. They are EXCELLENT at what they do! They bring characters to life!

How important is sound in a film?
I love doing sound for our movies. Both the soundtrack and the sound design. It is essential and often drives the story or fills in the backstory if need be. However, one day I would like to do a movie with no music.

Is there a sequel to The Shoot in the pipeline?
The Shoot has no brothers or sisters. It’s an only child and gets undivided love. Next up is a film called NICK, POP and EDDY about three characters with serious identity issues and then a western with some grit, dirt and ghosts.


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