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When it comes to watching a movie,we as an audience member can become highly emotional,disturbed and affected to the core of heart that can probably mentally disturb us for some days.There are also horror movies that might force us not to go to bed alone or it does not affect us at all because with so much blood and gore and often with a predictable plot line horror movies are increasingly becoming old and diluted.But there are a certain category of movies that not only shake us all to our core but also makes us question humanity it self.

These section of movies are either banned in many countries or are released in limited theaters/DVD.We might be comfortable with Hollywood's gore and blood,however some movies stand out and are often described as some of the most truly horrific pieces of cinematic art.These movies have shocked the general public,have caused national debates and outrage.Here are ten movies which according to me are the most disturbing movies of all time although i will also be mentioning some honorable mentions too.


10.Rampage Capital Punishment (2014)

Rampage Capital Punishment is second installment of the rampage series directed by Uwe Boll is a mass murder thriller film.Played by Brendan Fletcher who is the main character he goes on a killing spree using his own custom made armor suit donning two M4 rifles,Uzis,MP-7 and not to mention side arms with lots and lots of C4 explosives eventually killing 100 + people.The character is disgusted by the media and the country's politician who he thinks are downgrading america and that they are selling lies to the people.He wants to start an armed revolution against the government and inflict maximum casualties to the countries elite bankers,society and politicians.He has a DVD containing a message where he shits on Obama,Bush,the bankers,billionares etc.He broadcasts this message after he takes over a broadcasting station where he kills employees who he thinks are selling lies.He continues to be the ANTI-HERO and plays on public cynicism.Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are potrayed as saviors by him in his DVD and are mentioned as game changers in human history.The whole movie is based upon finding the truth but is also giving us cold streak of truth running along it's bank.After you watch the DVD message It’s hard to disagree with Mr. Williamson’s (Brendan Fletcher), even if some of his targets are questionable.Watch it if you are seeking the truth


9.The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

The film’s predecessor “The Human Centipede” was such a huge “hit” and made so much money, the natural thing to do was make a sequel.Despite the movies objectionable artistic value,this truly a gut wrenching movie.The film is centered upon a man named Martin Lomax (Laurence R.Harvey) who is a mentally disturbed,psychotic doctor trying to emulate the original work of his predecessor in the original film.He in fact wants to outdo his predecessor and create a better specimen then he did,thus begins the horror of the victims who are tortured,have their lips stapled and stitched to the rear ends,forced to eat the shit that comes out of the digestive tracks of other victims.This film was banned in Australia and New Zealand for it's revolting contents.Although the critics gave it a lot of negative reviews we can't deny the fact that it is one of those movies which makes us think whether there is any humanity left or not.I would recommend the viewers to watch the first part before watching this movie.

The psychotic doctor
The psychotic doctor

8.Ilsa She Wolf of the SS (1975)

Boy o boy anyone who has watched this movie will certainly relate it as one of the most outrageous additions to the SEXPLOITATION genre ever imagined.Played by Dyanne Thorne this movie will not only disgust you but also will leave you thinking about the director's intention of directing this movie.Some movie lovers count it among the cult classic movies.

Although it is thoroughly cheesy, poorly acted, routinely directed, and extremely camp at times, the film still packs a punch due to its ability to offend and disgust at every turn; the depiction of Nazi atrocities in the name of entertainment is hard to defend (so I'm not even going to try) and this movie pulls no punches with its well executed graphic violence and horrific torture scenes.llsa, played with gusto by chesty blonde Dianne Thorne, is the Kommandant at a concentration camp where she oversees medical research performed on the female prisoners. Meanwhile, she uses the males to try and satisfy her sexual needs (and when they fail, she has them castrated). It is up to German/American stud Wolfe to lead the prisoners in a revolt against the guards whilst simultaneously gaining Ilsa's trust by rogering her senseless at every opportunity.

This notorious sleaze classic packs so much depravity into its 96 minutes running time,that lovers of exploitation will have a field day. From the opening scene in which Ilsa's sex slave is dragged back to the camp to be emasculated, to the ending in which the prisoners exact bloody retribution, sex and violence pervades every frame. The effective make-up FX are repugnant enough for hardened gore-hounds and fans of the female form will be delighted by the copious amounts of nudity. And lets not forget the scene in which Ilsa pees on the Nazi general..HEIL ILSA

P.S. It is inspired by actual events....yeah you got me about it and of course it is banned in Germany.

Ilsa with her minions
Ilsa with her minions

7.Audition (1999)

No one can make a mix of most disturbing movies without bringing in some japanese horror into the cocktail.The movie starts out like a simple love story but eventually gets more disturbing and disturbing.In this movie a widower is ready to get back into dating and adapts an unorthodox method of finding his next soulmate; he holds an audition. The movie take's a truly sadistic and disturbing turn halfway through when his elected woman turns out to have a very rotten history with men – having been hurt and harmed by many since she was young – and is seeking revenge.

Audition had its share of audience walk-outs. When shown at the 2000 Rotterdam Film Festival, one enraged female viewer confronted Miike, shouting at him, "You're evil!"Among filmmakers featured on US TV channel Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments (on which the film appeared at number 11), notable horror directors Eli Roth, John Landis and Rob Zombie claimed to have found the film very difficult to watch, given its grisly content; Landis said that the film was so disturbing that he could not enjoy it at all.

Eihi Shiina as Asami Yamazaki
Eihi Shiina as Asami Yamazaki

6.Salo (1976)

Directed by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini Salo,it has to be one of those feel good movies of the 70's era.

Pasolini illustrates his belief that society forces people to conform by making his victims turn on each other, then making the audience complicit. Just by watching, we are voyeurs, and Pasolini calls us out in the movie's final moments.

Scalping, branding, eyes being cut out, rape, torture, sodomy these are some of the reasons why this movie is banned in numerous countries to this day due to the deprived nature of the film.Al though it is very hard to find a copy of this movie but if you are lucky enough to get your hand on it,i doubt whether you will be able to watch the entire two hours of the movie.

A film from a text which single-handedly defined the term 'unfilmable'

you do the analysis what is happening to this boy
you do the analysis what is happening to this boy

5.Deadgirl (2008)

Definitely not the for the weak stomach and faint of heart.This movie revolves around two high school boys who somehow find a woman naked and imprisoned in an abandoned hospital.But instead of calling the cops they decide to keep it to themselves and then proceed to assault her sexually and inflict all kind of tortures upon her after which they try to kill her but to their surprise the girl turns out to be UNDEAD.The content of the movie is dark but artistic, an odd psychological study of violence. But the sickest scene of the film is when the dead girl bites off a boy’s appendages – every male viewer watching doubtless twitches in sympathetic pain. This movie wasn’t a hit with critics, but it succeeds in disturbing.It is sure to give you nightmares.

The boy's find the girl in the abandoned hospital
The boy's find the girl in the abandoned hospital

4.Martyrs (2008)

In order to watch this french film one need's to have a lot of guts and balls of steel.The movie depicts the story of a missing girl 'Anna' who is found wandering the country road.She grows to become a beautiful woman after her rescue but something has changed her.This movie takes quite a violent turn about halfway into the movie, and the turn is so sharp that you might almost think of “Martyrs” was two films in one. With a touch of religious zeal and a bit of breaking the boundaries of human existence, this movie definitely makes audiences wince, especially in the final scene where the “heroine” is beaten and skinned so that she can bear witness to the afterlife experience.Film should score OK with hardcore gore fans, but others will expect martyrdom for sticking it out until the end.Martyrs is an absolute recommend, but only to those who are willing to accept the film on its own uncompromising terms. All others are advised to stay well clear away.

The film has been associated with the New French Extremity movement.

The scene where the heroine is skinned alive.
The scene where the heroine is skinned alive.

3.Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

It is definitely in the top 3 of the most disturbing movies ever made.If you thought that “The Blair Witch Project” was the first movie to incorporate the “found footage” style of filming, then you’re wrong.PARANORMAL ACTIVITY,BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has nothing on this progenitor of the found footage genre.It is not exactly a master piece like exorcist,eraserhead and other movies but it is definitely worth watching to satisfy your thirst for blood and gore.“Cannibal Holocaust” was the first of its kind telling the story of a search team trying to find a lost film crew in the Amazons working on a documentary. The murder scenes in the film were so realistic that the director, Deodato, was arrested on suspicion of murder. But what makes this film truly disturbing is the fact that they really killed live animals. In total, about six animals were killed, and there’s a particularly disturbing scene involving the killing of a large turtle. The movie remains, today, ethically questionable and there’s still some mystery surrounding its filming.

No matter what you say about this movie......nothing can top this classic....PERIOD!!!

Yup that's human meat.
Yup that's human meat.

2.Anti-Christ (2009)

When a movie includes Willem Dafoe then you are sure to think that the movie is literally going to be different.......well this movie is different........i don't know how i am going to write about this movie.Well for starters the Director of this movie Lars Von Trier is an asshole and a sick bastard.No one wants to see Willem Dafoe's penis, let alone after it is smashed by a wooden log and then jacked off until he cums blood. Yeah, that is a seriously f*cked up scene. Plus, you get an extreme close-up on a rusty pair of scissors cutting off a clitoris.It’s safe to say that “Antichrist” probably shows just how kooky director Lars Von Trier actually is; there is a running joke that this film’s profits probably went towards his therapy bills.

I wont giveaway much about this film as i would urge all the harcore blood and gore fans to watch it pronto.Antichrist is a unique form of cruel and unusual punishment: an unrelenting orgy of graphic sex, violence and cynicism that also manages to be wildly pretentious.But i will like to salute Willem Dafoe for his role...he truly is one of a kind actor who deserves much more recognition.

You see those animals??..THEY TALK
You see those animals??..THEY TALK

1.A Serbian Film-UNCUT (2010)

Okay so every other movie that i have mentioned in this post are all disney movie's compared to this.This movie actually mentally disturbed me for a week and still sometimes gives me nightmares.This movie by far tops all the movies of it''s genre...there is no comparison to this movie.The fact that someone can think so low will not only force you to think whether the director is himself a bastard or it will force you to think that "WHY AM I WATCHING THIS MOVIE".

When THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE was released, everyone was shocked in the mainstream media about how f*cked up it was. I wonder if they had ever heard of A SERBIAN FILM. This...this movie is just f*cked in every way possible. From the completely nihilistic and depressing ending or the entire premise of the film, this movie is completely wrong in every way. But, it is the scene that involves a pregnant woman that you will never forgive yourself for witnessing. I still cannot understand why that scene was filmed. I have an extremely high tolerance for f*cked up shit, but A SERBIAN FILM crosses any line that I have. Seriously, beyond f*cked. With the sexual acts in the movie becoming more and more depraved and inhumane, the finale involves an unspeakable act that really pushes the film over the edge – making it almost unwatchable for most viewers.

Many critics are still arguing to this day on whether it was a masterpiece or that it was just made to satisfy people's thirst.I personally think that this movie tries to depict how the government f**** you even after you are dead.But at the end of the day it all depends on how are seeing the movie...everyone will have different opinions about it.I think no movie is going to top this movie's insanity in the future...well at least for a decade.....this movie will truly give you bad dreams and will make you think.....'WHY IN THE HELL WAS THIS MOVIE MADE?'

I wont give away much.u have to watch it.
I wont give away much.u have to watch it.

SO here it is ..the top 10 most disturbing movie ever made according to me.What according to you are the most disturbing comment and take part in the opinion poll.

Below are some honorable mentions:


The Exorcist


Requiem for a Dream


Which according to you is the most disturbing movie ever made?


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