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To start things off. There are a couple of things you need to know about me. This is my first post, but more important, I am a big Star Wars fan. I am not that one fan that goes to cosplays or conventions, but I do know my fair share about the universe.

After the trailer hit the cinemas a couple of weeks ago I have heard nothing but negative comments about it and that the movie is going to 'suck'. Well, I got news for all the naysayers: 'These are just 88 seconds!' Name any movie that does not have 88 seconds that suck... People base their opinion on the work J.J. Abrams did for [Star Trek Into Darkness](movie:37722) , but I think we can be happy if he delivers a movie of the same quality. On IMDB, Into Darkness gets rated a 7.9 and on Rotten Tomatoes it receives a 87%, which, for this website, is really good! Imagine that we get a new Star Wars that reaches an 8 on IMDB?! Of course, the new trilogy will never be as good as the original Star Wars, but it is in the good hands of J.J. Abrams. Plus, they have a (501st) legion of writers (see the reference to Star Wars--huh?) working on the script.

To be honest, I cannot wait for the new Star Wars to come out. It is an expansion to the universe we love and we get to see more of it. I am convinced that everybody was sad when the story ended after the third prequel, even though people say the prequels sucked (I did not think so: the first shot of Darth Vader gave me shivers down my back!). Alright, alright. Maybe a little bit too much CGI and special effects. I got to give in on that. However, this movie, and the two after, will enable us to bask in the Star Wars ambiance once again.

And, what is really that bad about the trailer? There are no abundant special effects or unbelievable things. I believe the X-Wings look awesome, I love the additions to the cast and that light saber in the end?! Don't even get me started about that: it lit up my screen and my world when I saw it.

A lot of people also said that Disney decided to create three more movies to get more money. Of course they do, it is a business!! However, for Star Wars truly to be a cash cow, Disney knows it has to deliver. When the first new movie indeed ends up to 'suck', Disney will have made the 4.1 billion (!) acquisition all for none. Trust me: we'll be fine!

May the Force be with you, [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) ! May the Force be with you, fellow MoviePilot-ers


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