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Man of Steel may have been one of the most divisive superhero movies in a while. Some believe it was the best representation of Supes on the big screen, while others describe it as a shallow, faux-cerebral fireworks show.

It seems Youtuber GorgeousWig has a bigger issue with Man of Steel. He's claiming it ripped off many of its major elements - and indeed some of its visual style - from the influential 1999 science fiction, The Matrix. You can check out his full seven minute argument below, while I've broken down it's main elements further on.

The Evidence

Exhibit A - Same Story

So, what are the main points of GorgeousWig's argument?

Well, firstly he claims both films essentially tell the same story - that of a messianic savior who discovers his true powers and saves the world from an nefarious totalitarian force.

Of course, you don't have to be a theologist to figure out both The Matrix and Man of Steel are fairly thinly veiled reboots of the Bible. I mean, just look at some of this imagery:

However, does this mean Man of Steel ripped off The Matrix? Well, not really, since the Good Book has had its principle story revamped on the big screen time and time again. If anyone should be annoyed about intellectual theft here, it should be Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Exhibit B - Same Design

But the video goes on to explain this isn't the only similarity between The Matrix and Man of Steel.

Indeed, certain scenes and visual design elements do seem to be extremely similar to those we saw in the earlier Matrix. For example, the birthing chamber in Man of Steel seems to be influenced by the similar human growing chamber in The Matrix:

Both films also feature robotic creatures which appear to be based on living organisms. Kyptonian ships and aircrafts have a very 'natural look,' while The Matrix's machines are also based on squids, crabs, and arachnids. Perhaps most clearly comparable is The Matrix's machine digger and Man of Steel's World Engine.

Man of Steel World Engine
Man of Steel World Engine
The Matrix Machine Digger
The Matrix Machine Digger

Although, to be honest, both of these designs seem influenced by the Martian tripods in War of the Worlds.

Exhibit C - Same Scenes

Finally, GorgeousWig also claims there are similar scenes in both Man of Steel and The Matrix. Furthermore, he claims it's not just that the scenes are thematically similar, but that they're even framed and filmed in a similar way.

For example, when Neo and Superman are flying around.

Wandering around ruined cities:

Taking flight with a dramatic fist clench:

And that final airborne, CGI-filled battle:

Man of Steel
Man of Steel
The Matrix: Revolutions
The Matrix: Revolutions

Now, some of these seem coincidental, while others merely seem a product have having two main characters whose special powers allow them to fly. To be fair to Man of Steel, The Matrix was probably influenced by Superman in this regard. Indeed, Superman is even mentioned during one of Neo's The Matrix: Reloaded flying scenes.

What do you think? Did Man of Steel steal from The Matrix?


Did Man of Steel rip off The Matrix?


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