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Wow! The writers of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) seem to have learned a very valuable lesson since the mid-season finale: don't kill off a beloved character and expect to get away with it!

Earlier last week I wrote about how a huge Walking Dead fan, Amanda T, had submitted a petition over on with the hopes of reaching 10,000 signatures and sending it to The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple. Well, I'm now happy to report that the petition has not only reached it's initial goal of 10,000 signatures, but has massively surpassed it, to currently sit at just over 39,200 signatures, and climbing!

Check it out:

The petition has now set its sights on the (not unreasonable) goal of 50,000 signatures, and at the rate that people are signing, it seems like they'll meet that goal somewhere in the next few days! A number of media outlets reporting on the petition seem to have helped boost the profile of the petition, including us over here at Moviepilot. Good one guys!

The petition had a number of reasons that Beth should not have been killed off including that it was far too soon for her to die, that she was more than just a character for viewers, and that her death wasn't meaningful and only served to bolster the storyline of a man (Daryl). You can read more about those reasons over here in the original article.

With so many signatures, it's only a matter of time before it's presented to AMC and Scott Gimple. So here's hoping there's some sort of pay out over Beth's death! With Season 5 already wrapped, it seems unlikely we'll see a Beth resurrection in this season, but who knows what those writers in TV land will cook up for the future. After all, crazier things have happened!

The silver lining to the unfortunate and early demise of Beth is that it appears as though Emily Kinney, the actress who played Beth, has kept busy after her onscreen demise and has just released an EP called Expired Love!

Check out the video for her new single 'Rockstar' below (and see if you catch The Walking Dead reference!):

If you want to sign the petition to Bring Beth Back, you can find it here.


Do you think Beth should have died?

Source:, Comicbook

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