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Anticipation and excitement over whether or not Disney will announce a [Frozen 2](movie:2481986) has been growing since the rumor mill started swirling last week due to comments from the voice of Elsa, Idina Menzel.

However, without the official confirmation from Disney, we might still be left out in the cold for a little while longer. Though as we reported earlier last week, the probability of Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff returning to the silver screen does seem very high.

So if we imagine for a moment that Frozen 2 had already been confirmed, the next thing I'd definitely want to know is what the story would be about. I can tell you, after looking through the original inspiration for Frozen - the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen - the potential plots for Frozen 2 might be very dark!

Take a look for yourself:

There is an evil troll with a magic mirror that makes everyone see things as bad and ugly

The magic mirror smashes into a thousand tiny pieces and the grains are blown into people's hearts and eyes... meaning that they will only see the bad and ugly in everything in the world.

This would make a brilliant plot. No one wants to see the people of the Kingdom of Arendelle view the world as an ugly and grim place.

There is a Snow Queen who kidnaps children and has bee minions

In The Snow Queen the Snow Queen is the ruler of the 'snow bees.' One day while a boy named Kai is playing, the Snow Queen whisks Kai away. She kisses him once to numb him from the cold, and twice to make him forget his family and his friend Gerda, however a third kiss would kill him. The Snow Queen keeps Kai captive and makes him try to solve a difficult puzzle on a frozen lake using pieces of ice. If he solves the puzzle he will be freed but if not, he would stay in her Palace forever.

While the character of the Snow Queen might already have a little in common with Elsa, I think this could be an interesting plot for Frozen 2. Perhaps there is another queen with evil ice powers who comes up against Elsa somehow? Elsa vs. the Snow Queen? It could be great to see, not to mention: snow bees?!

The heroine is brain washed and kidnapped...Twice!

While Kai is eventually rescued at the end of The Snow Queen by his true love Gerda, Gerda herself faces some pretty big trials along the way, namely - getting kidnapped and brainwashed!

When Gerda sets out to find Kai she visits an old sorceress. However, the sorceress decides that instead of helping her, she wants Gerda to stay with her forever and places her under a spell that makes her forget all about Kai. Luckily, Gerda manages to remember her mission and runs away. Soon she finds a prince and princess who help her find warm clothes and a beautiful coach. Great, right? Wrong! Robbers soon capture Gerda and take her to their castle. Thankfully, Gerda befriends a small robber girl who frees her so she can continue on her mission to save Kai.

Whoa, kidnappings and spells! That would be some pretty intense stuff for Frozen 2; though The Snow Queen does have a happy ending, so I'm sure Frozen could totally work with this theme.

I have to say, I would totally be up for Frozen 2 being a little darker, I think that it would work if they followed the fairy tale more closely, and it would add some great things to the Frozen story as a whole.

What do you guys think, should Frozen 2 be a closer adaptation of The Snow Queen?


Would you like Frozen 2 to be a bit darker?

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