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A family in Texas have totally let their chances of slipping by unnoticed go this Christmas by fixing up their entire house as an all singing, all dancing tribute to [Frozen](movie:411685).

While the next door neighbors might not be super pleased, I for one am relishing the excuse to listen to 'Let it Go' a few more times before welcoming in the new year!

And the star of the show? The cactus representing Elsa's voice of course! The family behind the display explained that they found it by the side of the road and fell in love with it too much to leave it out of the fun.

If that's not a demonstration of Christmas spirit, I don't know what is!

Also, as a bonus feature, the entire display reportedly costs an almost unbelievable $6 to run for the entire holiday season!

Power to the cactus!

Think you can do better? Post your own festive displays in the comments below and dazzle us all!


Elsa the cactus?

(Source: Distractify)

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