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Back in 1998, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan teamed up to simultaneously fight crime and crack jokes. The result was of course, Rush Hour. Now, after three movies (a fourth is apparently in production) and 16 years, let's remind ourselves of the classic action comedy with some Rush Hour trivia.

Will Smith and/or Eddie Murphy Almost Played The Part of Carter

Originally, it seems Will Smith and Eddie Murphy were considered for the role of Carter. Murphy was even offered the role, however he turned it down to appear in Holy Man. Other names connected to the role include Martin Lawrence and Dave Chapelle.

Rush Hour was Chan's First Non-Dubbed English Speaking Role

According to the director, Brett Ratner, Rush Hour was the first movie released in the U.S. featuring Jackie Chan in an English-speaking role with no dubbing. Usually, Chan liked to re-dub his lines because of his uncertainty with the English language. However, Ratner persuaded him against it for Rush Hour, as he believed it added authenticity.

Rush Hour Contains a Star Wars Easter Egg

Rush Hour also contained a subtle reference to sci-fi epic Star Wars. When Lee (Chan) shows Carter (Tucker) Consul Han's card, it shows that the Consul's first name is Solo. Traditionally, names in Chinese are spoken and written with the family name first, meaning Consul Han's full name would be pronounced Han Solo.

Rush Hour Re-Uses Many Classic Jackie Chan Jokes

Since Ratner was a big fan of Jackie Chan's classic Hong Kong movies - and he felt they were generally unknown to American audiences - Rush Hour actually contains many jokes from Chan's previous movies which were deliberately reused. Most notably, is a joke which references Chan's accidental boob-grabbing antics in Mr. Nice Guy.

Much of Chris Tucker's Dialogue was Improvised

Tucker improvised the majority of his dialogue in Rush Hour - as he does in many of his movies. This caused Ratner some problems as it was incredibly hard to cut some scenes, especially those involving fellow improv-lover, John Hawkes.

The Afro and Moustache on Carter's Badge was an Afterthough

One of the slightly subtler jokes of the film concerns the photograph on Detective Carter's badge, which shows he sported an afro and mustache at some point in his youth. However, both of these elements were actually added in post-production as an afterthought.

Elizabeth Peña Played an Embarrassing Prank on Ratner

According to Elizabeth Peña, she once turned up on set wearing nothing but her characters bomb squad vest. Apparently, she thought Ratner would find it hilarious, but instead it seems he was just incredibly nervous and embarrassed.


Which is your favorite Rush Hour movie?

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