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Now that the first half of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 is over, there are some things we need to address. No, I'm not talking about Beth's untimely death, or where the hell the group is going to go now. I'm talking about that damn Comic Con trailer that played us all for fools.

The Comic Con trailer was released back in July and, man was it good. However along with amping us all up for Season 5, the editors were also super sneaky in leading us all down the garden path.

Check out some of the biggest things that differed from trailer to show:

Gareth forces Rick to join together

In the opening minute of the trailer we saw Bob begging for the lives of the group, talking about how they had the cure. The trailer made it look like this had piqued his interest, as afterwards we saw these quick shots of Gareth saying "you don't have a choice...All of you," supposedly to Rick, who was holding baby Judith, followed by Gareth saying, "you join us and we go to Washington and cure this thing."

Yep, the trailer sure made it look a lot like Rick and the gang were going to be forced to join forces with Gareth and the Termites to go to Washington, a theory which at the time could have made total sense.

Gareth agreeing with Abraham

In a scene in what we now know is Father Gabriel's church, Abraham looks to be giving a speech about the whole group going to Washington to implement the cure. The camera then jumps to Gareth who seems to nod in agreement.

Thankfully we now know that the group absolutely didn't join forces with Gareth and these two scenes were totally unrelated - the second is actually from when Gareth was sitting outside the school with a partially eaten Bob.

Abraham killing a walker

Yeah while these shots may have been cut together to look like Abraham was just protecting against the ever present threat of walkers, he was actually pummeling in the brains of a Hunter.

Rick supposedly not trusting Gareth

While the trailer showed the season starting off with a Termite alliance with Rick's group, the trailer was also making sure we kept in mind that it was an uneasy partnership, with Rick telling Carl, "I don't trust this guy," with a cut straight to Gareth. In reality Rick was talking about Father Gabriel - a character who only had a very fleeting shot toward the end of the trailer.

Basically, while some of the trailer was accurate - the Beth stuff was spot on, and the montages were pretty good, a lot of the juicy parts of the trailer played us for complete fools. To that, I only have one thing to say: well played The Walking Dead editing team, well played.

Watch the whole 2014 comic con trailer here:


What was your favorite part of the first half of Season 5?


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