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Ken Weatherwax, best known for playing Pugsley on the original The Addams Family TV show, died at his home in California on Sunday after suffering a heart-attack. He was 59 years old.

Weatherwax will be most fondly remembered for his portrayal of the oldest member of the Addams family in the 1960s version of the show. Along with Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Lisa Loring and Ted Cassidy, Weatherwax starred in the iconic series from 1964-66 and later voiced the character in the 1970s animated version of the show.

He also returned to the role in 1977 to play Puglsey Sr. in the Halloween with the New Addams Family TV movie.

Check out the original opening, with its famous song, below:

According to the BBC, Weatherwax found it hard following the Addams Family to find more acting work - and felt he had been typecast in the role. Later he appeared in commercials and also joined the military.

Ultimately he would find a career as a grip and set builder for Universal Studios, although he still regularly attended conventions and met with fans.

With this in mind, the Weatherwax family have announced they will be holding two funerals - one for friends and family, and another for fans.

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Source: BBC


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