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His feud with Hulk Hogan may have been settled long ago but the kilt wearing wrestler is back & wanting to pick a fight with a bigger beast on the big screen! A new film called Portal to Hell!!! is going to shoot in Toronto during March 2015. Who is this badder foe you ask? None other than HP Lovecraft's part man, part dragon, part octopus deity!

Imagine, if you will, that the Great Old One, Cthulhu himself, had a secret soft spot for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in Overboard and convinced the great John Carpenter to return to Lovecraft mode to write him a part in it. We’d like to think the result would be very much like Portal To Hell!!!

This isn't Piper's first foray into the world of acting. Back in '88, sporting a mullet, Roddy carved cult status with shotgun shells & shades that reveal a hidden race in John Carpenter's They Live.

He's all out of bubble gum!
He's all out of bubble gum!

The movie is currently crowd funding & the team are looking for help to raise the budget to make "the most kick-ass version of Portal to Hell!!! that we possibly can. We want this to be the return to form that Roddy deserves!"

the money we raise will go towards better locations, more stunts, and more time to create more complicated special effects ... more of a lot of things that we just can’t get for free.

Steven Kostanski from Astron 6 will be providing the FX work including tentacles which you can pick as a reward in the campaign. You've probably seen his work in movies such as Resident Evil & Silent Hill or TV show Hannibal. He most recently directed a segment in The ABCs of Death 2.

Here's what the writer Matt Watts says you can expect to see in the movie.

If you were wondering what Roddy Piper looks like these days here's a message from the man himself.

You can help the movie by donating on their Indiegogo page which closes December 26.


Do you think Roddy Piper has was it takes to put a sleeper hold on HP Lovecraft's best known critter?


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