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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

This season's gaming jumpers have arrived, and just in time to warm up your thumbs!

Yellow Bulldog has unveiled three wonderfully nerdy Xmas jumper designs, perfect for the holiday's gaming hibernation binge. Currently priced at £34.99 (about $54) each, there are three awesome jumpers available: a Playstation homage adorned with Sony's four iconic controller buttons, Sonic's winter Green Hill Zone wonderland, and a Street Fighter festive feud between Ryu and Ken. Have a look for yourself:


A must-have for Playstation fans - express your Christmas cheer and console allegiance at the same time!

Sonic and Doctor Eggnog

Probably my favorite design of the three, Sega's pixelated mascot suits the Christmas period perfectly.

All I Want For Christmas is Ryu

I love the way the KO symbols are integrated with the jumper, and the snowflake fireball too!

You can purchase any of the above jumpers here.


Which design would you ask Santa for?


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