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American Horror Story is my favorite show on television, but creator Ryan Murphy's new show Scream Queens has a good chance of being its rival.

First of all, Scream Queens sounds AWESOME. It'll be a horror series set in a college campus - where the bodies start piling up, obvs - and I'm guessing we'll be seeing lots of references to the genre. As a slasher fan, I'm already loving the concept.

Secondly, EW reports that Murphy has cast classic horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis - please, if you haven't seen John Carpenter's original Halloween, do so at once! - and Scream 4's Emma Roberts in lead roles.

Scream Queens is set to follow the American Horror Story pattern of entirely new storylines every season, which keeps the characters fresh, even if there are sometimes people you're desperately missing from previous seasons (seriously, I'd watch a whole show about American Horror Story: Asylum's Sister Mary Eunice and Lana Winters).

I wonder which other classic Scream Queen horror icons Murphy has in mind? Personally, I'd love to see at least a cameo from the original Mrs. Voorhees and all-round classy lady Betsy Palmer. And I would explode with joy if Scream Queens snagged Patty McCormack from my all-time favorite movie The Bad Seed.

Scream Queens will air on Fox next Fall - who do you want to see cast in the show?


Can Scream Queens possibly be as good as American Horror Story?

Sources: EW

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