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The official James Bond Twitter has broken the first rule of international espionage and has tweeted a sensitive behind the scenes image from the upcoming Bond movie, Spectre.

On first glance, the image doesn't seem to show a whole lot - simply the clapperboard for what we can assume is the very first scene to be shot for Spectre. However, what's that in the corner? Of course, it's none other than M's patriotic porcelain pooch. Check it out below:

Although the Royal Doulton Bulldog Union Jack figurine may have started out as a piece of semi-humorous set dressing, it took on increasing significance when it was bequeathed to Bond following the death of M in Skyfall.

M had an impeccable taste in desk flair.
M had an impeccable taste in desk flair.

Now, there's a new M in town (played by Ralph Fiennes), so presumably the dog now sits proudly on Bond's desk - if he has a desk that is.

The 'scarred' face of the figurine is also quite a nice little touch - harking back to the attack on MI6 and M's eventual violent demise. Could it also be an ominous foreshadowing of what's to occur in


Spectre is due to arrive in theaters on November 6th, 2015.


Are you sorry to see Judy Dench replaced as M?



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