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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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If you're a fan of Valve's hilarious and challenging first-person shooter multiplayer game Team Fortress 2, you're going to absolutely dig James McVinney's sterling fan made homage!

End Of The Line is a gorgeous looking short movie set in the Team Fortress world that has been in development since January 2013! Coming in at a whopping fourteen minutes long, the short film has the dastardly Blue Team inventing an ingenious plan to take out the heroic Red Team and their base filled with little orphans and lovely little kittens, once and for all.

Check it out...

That was pretty awesome! Can you guess what's coming next...


Well done! Here come some choice stills from End Of The Line!

Red Rum

Our introduction to the Blue Team includes this cheeky homage to The Shining! Tastefully done.

Evil Mastermind

Here sees the leader of Blue Team spying on Red Team...

...In their sunny, humble dust ridden paradise...

Just doing what they do best: getting everything wrong!

Bunch Of Schemers

Blue Team's basic plan is to send a train full of bombs into Red Base and blow it to smithereens. But judging by the amount of other failed plans, surely this one has to go awry. Loving the "Giant Magnifier Death Ray!"

It's About Sending A Message

The Blue Team leader casts a proud presence as he observes his team painting messages of hatred on their death train. Then...he comes across this. Pyro has a heart of gold.

That's more like it.

Runaway Train

Blue Team's Demoman destroys the train's controls and sets danger on the loose. Watch out Red Team!

The Call To Action

Red Team's Sniper and Scout are on sentry duty and now have to act quick to avert the destruction of their home. Now the race against time begins!

The Price

Red Team's Spy has received intel on Blue Team's plan. Will this spell the end for...

The innocent kittens?!

The innocent orphans?!

And, no... not the kitty orphans!

The Chase

Red Team's Scout jumps on top of the train in order to find a way of halting its trail of eventual destruction. Will he succeed in his quest?

You'll have to watch it to see!

End Of The Line is a cargo train load of fun and is a worthy homage to a very, very good game. A round of applause for McVinney and crew, please. Well done, guys!

What did you make of it? Air your thoughts in the comments!

(Source: James McVinney via YouTube)


End Of The Line - a rip roaring ride of fun or not?


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