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While appearing in Brazil at the Comic Con Experience, Jason Momoa confirmed that he is contracted with Warner Bros. for four appearances as [Aquaman](movie:264237), but not revealing what films.


The obvious guesses would be:

Batman v. Superman: More than likely as Arthur Curry, maybe something to do with the oil spill early in Man of Steel?!

Aquaman: Well that's just a given. I do hope we see more of the underwater world of Atlantis rather than Arthur on land. How about a little Game Of Thrones reunion with Emilia Clarke as Mera?!!? :)

Justice League Part One and Part Two: In most incarnations of the Justice League, Aquaman is part of the original team.

Momoa has also revealed that he would like Zack Snyder to direct the Aquaman movie and that if he missed out on playing Aquaman, Lobo would have been his second choice.


Lobo was first introduced into DC in 1983 and has superhuman sense of smell, strength, stamina, and durability, a regenerative healing factor, immortality and a genius level intellect. Lobo happens to be Stan Lee's favourite DC Comics character.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: After researching who the hell Lobo was, I'd really like to see him brought to the screen).

I really, really hope they don't try to make this movie light or comedic. I think Momoa played the role of Khal Drogo really well and they should keep some of those qualities, like the leadership and strength, and bring it to Aquaman.

Marvel definitely kicks DC butt when it comes to live action movies (DC is kicking butts with their animated movies) so I really hope Batman vs. Superman is the beginning of a change in the tide for DC Comics (see what I did there! :P)


Do you think Jason Momoa was a good casting choice to play Aquaman/Arthur Curry?

The Aquaman movie is due for release on July 27, 2018.

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