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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The case of twisted, pathetic serial killer Ted Bundy garnered so much fame that there are several movies about him. However, it's unlikely you've even heard of these depraved serial killers - even though they actually claimed more confirmed victims than Bundy himself...

Wang Qiang

Victim Count: 45

Suspected Death Toll: 45+

Location: China, arrested 2003

Chilling Facts: Born to an abusive alcoholic father who forbid him from attending school, Quiang grew to become one of China's most prolific serial killers, with a confirmed victim count of 45 girls and women he murdered, often committing necrophiliac acts upon their bodies.

Ahmad Suradji

Victim Count: 42

Suspected Death Toll: 80+

Location: Indonesia, executed 2008

Chilling Fact: 'Sorcerer' Suradji had bizarre beliefs about his magical powers - which was how he enticed his victims. These were young women who he persuaded to let themselves be buried up to the waist in rituals promising greater wealth and beauty - he would then strangle them, burying their bodies near his house, which he thought would bring him power.

Thiago Gomes da Rocha

Victim Count: 39

Suspected Death Toll: 39+

Location: Brazil, arrested 2014

Chilling Fact: Security guard Gomes da Rocha went on a vicious killing spree for three years before he was apprehended; killing men, women and children in random attacks, disguised in his motorcycle helmet. He claims to have gained the murderous urge from being molested at the age of 11.

Moses Sithole

Victim Count: 38

Suspected Death Toll: 38+

Location: South Africa, arrested 1995

Chilling Fact: With his cute face, Sithole had no problem luring women to isolated spots with the promise of work, sometimes even posing as a charity representative before raping and strangling them. Sometimes Sithole taunted victims' families, his cold cruelty earning him the moniker 'the South African Ted Bundy.'

Serhiy Tkach

Victim Count: 36

Suspected Death Toll: 100

Location: Ukrainian SSR, apprehended 2005

Chilling Fact: Known as 'The Pologovsky Maniac,' former police officer Tkach suffocated 36 girls between 8 and 18 before acting out his sick sexual fantasies on their corpses. He will never be released from prison.

Gennady Mikhasevich

Victim Count: 36

Suspected Death Toll: 55

Location: Belarus, executed 1988

Chilling Facts: Everyone was surprised when teetotal family man Mikhasevich was revealed to be a rapist, robber and killer of women, and the gifts he gave his devoted wife were sick prizes he stole from his victims.


Be honest, how many of these twisted serial killers had you previously heard about?

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