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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

As a brotha is steppin out the shower I came across Cinema Blend's Eric Eisenberg's article. In it, he talks about how things aren't as strict and set in stone as we fans thought so basically things can change.

These can change
These can change

So those of us who really wanted a Spider-Woman movie, a Masters of Evil, a Defenders, whatever, we could possibly get it.

I am NOT saying that these WILL happen. I'm saying they COULD happen.

Any one of those movies could change. I'll quote Kevin Fiegie here.

"You plan for the best, but never at the sake of what's directly in front of you. That's really all it is. Kevin Feige taught me that early on. I remember, there was this point in time when I was like, 'Ugh, this thing about Thanos isn't working.' And Kevin was like, "We're never going to hurt the story of the movie in front of us for the sake of the long haul. We're always going to have faith that we'll be able to work out those problems down the line."

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