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The unfortunate news came in this morning via TMZ that the original Pugsley Adams has passed away. The poor guy died in his sleep in his California home of a heart attack on December 7th, 2014.

Weatherwax's career had never gone past his Addams Family roots, with him joining the military at age 17. After leaving, he worked as a grip and behind the camera for the rest of his career once Addams on April 8th, 1966 had ended its run. But, he had not completely left the Addams, as he frequented many events that were connected to the show, making his presence known as often as possible. He also starred in an Addams made-for TV movie as Pugsley, Sr. in the seventies, as well as lending his voice to the animated show around the same time.

The word came via Facebook from a woman claiming to be his niece named Shaynyn Viera, according to Variety, and this was what she said:

So, yet another TV icon finds his way to peace yet again, along with all of the others that have made the same journey this year. RIP, Ken, and thanks for the memories.


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