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After their new album "Songs of Innocence", U2 announce a new artistic initiative, a visual art project titled "Films of Innocence" and directed by Jefferson Hack. The band commissioned 11 of the world’s most acclaimed urban artists, united for the first time in a film, gave them complete creative freedom to create a visionary collection inspired to the tracks on U2’s Songs of Innocence album with the political murals of Northern Ireland as a reference point.

Complex – "Every Breaking Wave" by Robin Rhode

Dazed Digital – "Cedarwood Road" by Maser

Dezeen - "Iris (Hold Me Close)" by Chloe Early

Juxtapoz – "The Troubles" by Todd James

The Nerdist - "California (There Is No End To Love)" – D*Face

Nowness – "Raised by Wolves" by Vhils

NPR - "Song For Someone" by Mode 2

Paper Magazine - "This Is Where You Can Find Me Now" by DALeast

Pitchfork – "Volcano" by Ganzeer

Rolling Stone - "Sleep Like A Baby" by ROA

Stereogum - "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)" by Oliver Jeffers.

These are some of the video of the collection.

Films Of Innocence collection will be available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon.

The U2 INNOCENCE + EXPERIENCE TOUR will start on May 2015.

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