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In an event similar to the planets aligning and revealing a wormhole to a dimension made of doughnuts, a literal tree made of money sprouting in your backyard or The Last Guardian finally being released and other really awesome things, word on the street is video game voice actor extraordinaire Troy Baker will be joining his equally as awesome peer Nolan North in bringing the quips to Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End!

Troy Baker has been in nearly every game ever made. Okay, that's a slight over exaggeration, but he has performed in a staggering amount. Most recently delivering Joel's gravelly lines in The Last Of Us and as Talion in Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor. Seriously, check out his list!

His role, leaked by Baker himself on Twitter, will see gaming's most recognizable voice tackling the tones of Nathan Drakes' currently unnamed brother... Something Drake.

The role was originally meant to be performed by actor/writer Todd Stashwick as he also revealed on Twitter, but he, earlier this year, departed Naughty Dog with ex-Uncharted series head writer and creative director Amy Hennig to join Visceral Games and begin crafting their super secret Star Wars game.

So two of gaming's most famous voices will come together for the Uncharted franchise's final act. I'm sure we'll be in for a massive treat!

Source: IMDb


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