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The ridiculously talented pixel artist Kracov has reimagined the iconic, first-person shooter, Doom, as a 2D, isometric shooter in this brilliant fan art!

This piece, called Doom: Planet of the Barons, pits Doomguy against hundreds of Barons Of Hell in the typical devilish Doom surrounding. Here it is...

Welcome to Hell!
Welcome to Hell!

(via Kracov)

Oh man, I'd play the heck out of this. The colors are wonderfully vibrant and reminiscent of the 8-bit SNES era from when Doom was released. I love how many different versions of Doomguy there are, highlighting the game's stark difficulty curve and the player's trial and error. Here's another great piece...

(via Kracov)

I'm sitting here looking at my hands and willing them to create art as great as this piece, named Doom - It Has Begun. This is great, and horrifying, work. The attention to detail is astounding. Good work, Kracov!

If you're interested in more of Kracov's muscular and intense work, head over to his portfolio and/or his DeviantART page.

(Source: Kracov via DeviantART)


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