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Some people do astonishing things because they have to. It's in their DNA to push the limits of human achievement and accomplishment, and naturally, they make for some amazing stories. [The Walk](movie:1223474) chronicles one of the most death-defying artistic stunts of all time, when Philippe Petit (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film) walked across a high-wire between the World Trade Center towers on August 7, 1974. It's truly amazing to think he would do this way back then.

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer isn't shy about touting Zemeckis' credibility, what with Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and Flight on his resume. This is a trailer that I can get behind: it doesn't over-explain, it doesn't give away the entire movie, and it really does a magnificent job of giving the viewer a frame of reference for how dangerous this stunt really was.

And after watching this, I was pretty much like...

If anybody, it's Zemeckis who can tackle this story and really capture the artistry of it. It's something a lot of people have heard about in passing - like, "oh yeah, there was once a man who walked across the Twin Towers" - but I don't think a lot of people have much knowledge about the details of it. Or who Philippe Petit really was - what was it that inspired him? I'm genuinely curious.

We get an awesome shot of New York and a smartly dressed, turtle-necked out Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

That look of determination is so telling. This is great acting - it makes me want to explore what caused this man to do this.

I can vicariously feel the rush that he must be experiencing here.

Of course, that height is epic and those are the stakes. There is no margin for error.

It's obvious, but I have to mention how this movie will be even more interesting based on the nostalgia we'll all feel knowing that the Towers no longer stand. The movie comes out in 3D and should be a spectacle. I'm definitely going to give it a shot. How about you?


How excited are you for "The Walk"?


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