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It seems like we won't be losing Heimdall anytime soon (what a relief)! In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, actor Idris Elsa discussed a variety of impactful topics ranging from his new son to the current racial and political atmosphere in the United States. He also addressed a fairly controversial interview that he did recently with The Telegraph, with a headline that blatantly read: Idris Elba interview: Marvel movies are 'torture'.

To his credit, babysitting Thor is kind of horrible
To his credit, babysitting Thor is kind of horrible

Elba's infamous quote from the article is as follows:

“It was really weird,” he begins. “I’d just done eight months in South Africa. I came to England and the day I came back I had to do reshoots on Thor 2.” He raises an eyebrow. “And in the actual scene my hair was different, my…” He stops and gives an exasperated sigh. “I was like, ‘This is torture, man. I don’t want to do this.’ My agent said: ‘You have to, it’s part of the deal.’ ”
"... And I’m thinking: ‘24 hours ago, I was Mandela’. When I walked into the set the extras called me Madiba. I was literally walking in this man’s boots. [Within] six months, the crew, we were all so in love with this film we had made. I was him. I was Mandela, practically,” he insists.
“Then there I was, in this stupid harness, with this wig and this sword and these contact lenses. It ripped my heart out.”
oh god WHAT NO
oh god WHAT NO

In this context, those seem like really harsh words. But today, Elba insisted that what he had to say was misunderstood:

I was quite specifically talking about the comparison between playing Heimdall on one day, and playing Mandela on the next. That’s sloppy journalism, or just really bad misquoting. I have a great relationship with the Marvel team, and the character of Heimdall. People are really running with this thing like, 'Oh my God, he doesn’t want to be with Marvel anymore.' People thinking that comparing those roles means I don’t want to be with Marvel, well, that’s crazy.

He's not mad at Marvel, guys - he was just grumpy at the over time, and the drastic gap between his two characters. There is, most definitely, a serious difference between playing a history-making world leader and hanging by a harness in a wig, with a green screen behind you.

Look, I get insulted when I have to simplify my own ideas to fit into 140 characters on twitter, so even I can see where the guy is coming from. Being on twitter is still fun and interesting - on a much grander scale for Elba, playing Heimdall in a Marvel movie is still a unique experience - but would I rather lay my thoughts out in context? Yes, absolutely. Okay, that was a weird and very disconnected comparison.

Thanks, Cap.
Thanks, Cap.

Either way, fear not, Heimdall fans: Idris Elba does not hate [Marvel](channel:932254), and we're going to see his gorgeous, glowing golden contacts once again in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) next May.


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